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Touch of Whimsy: The Touch of Whimsy only has a physical form after in the time between it's previous owner dies and it's current owner touches it. While in Physical form it resembles a thin bracelet of silver covered in minute patterns too small to see. It is often found by those who rob the dead. Once touched by a living sentient being, it will transform into a liquid metal and crawl over the finder's hand to circle the wrist. The metal will sink into the flesh, forming a metallic "tattoo" of overlapping circles around the wrist. While it is metallic in appearance, it will not rust, tarnish, or corrode and is immune to acid and electrical attacks. It does not give the wearer any of these same immunities, but does grant the wearer a special ability. As a free action, the wearer can invoke the power as many times as they wish in a given day. Once invoked, the Touch of Whimsy will teleport the wearer 100 feet away from their present location. The direction and end location is purely in the hands of the DM. The Touch can only be removed at it's wearer's death, when it takes a new host, or if the limb is severed from the wearer's body.

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