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A relic from another age, perhaps long ago, or yet to come...

Unknowable Design

The Totsugeki Exosuit is unlike any armor this world has ever seen, made by unseen, unknowable entities and left behind when their work was finished. It cannot be crafted, it must be found.

The Totsugeki cannot be crafted, and it is unlikely to be sold by any merchant, though it can be found in CR 40+ dungeons. It will be hidden, for its creators did not wish for it to fall into the wrong hands.

Mysterious Technologies

The Totsugeki is unfamiliar on this plane, and thus only the most skilled may pilot it with ease.

When you enter the Totsugeki, you are amazed by its wondrous design and confused by its levers and buttons. For those who wish to pilot this suit, a period of three days must be spent to learn the mechanisms of this armor, at the end of each day, a Wisdom check DC15 must be made, success means that you are one step closer to understanding its workings, failure will add another day to the learning period.

Adaptive Matrix

When you take control of it, the suit responds, attuning itself to your very being

The vast majority of the Totsugeki's weapons, powers, and abilities scale off of its user's skill scores.

Combination Sequence

They nestle inside each other

Should one be lucky enough to find all three forms of Totsugeki, they would find that they can layer over each other, adding the weapons of the inner suits to the outer ones.

Totsugeki Mk 1 (AKA "Chibi Totsugeki")[edit]

Not much larger than its user, but small things can pack a big punch

AC: 2x the user's AC

HP: User's HP + user's Constitution score

Special Abilities

Exoskeletal Reinforcement

It's like being in a second suit of armor

- The Totsugeki suit acts like a second layer of armor, its AC being added to the user's AC, additionally, in order to damage the user, the suit's HP must first be reduced to zero.

Armor Hardening

The exosuit's armor toughens in response to its opponent's opening salvo

- The damage from the first attack to land on the Totsugeki is added to its AC instead of damaging it (this only works for the first hit on it of the encounter)

Hydraulic Joints

You feel the suit augment your strength

- The Totsugeki's hydraulic joints increase the user's Strength by (user's STR modifier times 50)


For those who desire speed

- The Totsugeki's thrusters increase the user's Dexterity and Reflex by (user's DEX modifier times 50), and gives the suit the ability to fly at the same speed as that bonus

Armor of Blades

The suit's armor becomes an omnidirectional chainsaw with one purpose: repel attackers

- If an enemy lands a melee attack or grab, the armor deals damage to that enemy equal to the suit's base attack (using augmented STR to calculate) and the attacker must roll to maintain the grab.

Swarm of Shields

An anti-missile defense system, should be effective against most ranged attacks

- The suit utilizes a swarm of shields equal to the user's intelligence modifier squared to repel incoming ranged attacks. each shield has 10 HP and is destroyed when that HP is reduced to zero, if the attack against it deals more than 10 damage, it destroys the shield and continues on, however dealing 10 less damage. Multiple shields can be sent to intercept an attack on a DC 10.

Make Repairs

Better fix this while I've got the chance

- Outside of combat, the user can spend 2 hours repairing any damage dealt to the Totsugeki and replenish shields or other items expended by the suit.

Vengence System

A final strike, to make the opponent pay for destroying this powerful relic

- If an opponent deals enough damage to destroy the Totsugeki in one attack, the suit redirects half of that damage back into the enemy who dealt it



Railgun? Minigun? Cannon? Who knows, but it sure is destructive

- This ten-barreled rotating cannon fires roughly 100 rounds per second (roughly 150 per action), each round deals the user's Strength modifier in damage. The weapon's attack bonus is equal to the user's ranged modifier (DEX modifier) plus their Strength.

Wrist Mounted Blade

From the machine's wrist springs a sword, nearly as long enough to reach from its feet to its hip

- Attack: STR vs. AC

- Damage: STR modifier


It appears to be a sawn-off version of the railgun, though with a lower rate of fire

- The Totsugeki's sidearm can switch between a single-barreled, fairly accurate mid-ranged weapon (range= user's DEX modifier or 12 squares, whichever is greater), and a ten-barreled close-ranged shotgun (range= 1/2 single barrel range).

- Attack(single-barrel): DEX vs. AC

- Damage(single-barrel): STR + 10

- Attack(ten-barrel): DEX + STR vs. AC

- Damage(ten-barrel): STR + DEX + 50

NOTE: all modifiers used for the Totsugeki should include the STR and DEX buffs the armor gives

Totsugeki Mk2 (AKA "Totsugeki Proper")[edit]

Significantly larger than its predecessor, it towers over even gargantuan creatures

AC: Mk1 AC x2

HP: Mk1 HP x2

STR buff: Mk1 buff x2

DEX/REF buff: Mk1 buff x2

Possesses the same weapons and abilities as the Mk1, but since they scale off of skill scores, they are significantly stronger.

Totsugeki Mk3 (AKA "Shugoki Totsugeki)[edit]

Dwarfing the Mk2 in both size and power, the Mk3 has reached the pinnacle of the Totsugeki's abilities

AC: Mk2 AC x2

HP: Mk2 HP x2

STR buff: MK2 buff x2

DEX/REF buff: MK2 buff x2

Possesses the same weapons and abilities as the Mk2

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