Tome of Flaws: Descriptions of Addictions, Flaws and Phobias V (3.5e Sourcebook)

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Vain (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Cha 13+.

Description: Ooo ooo, you're so vain! I bet you think this flaw is about you!

Effect: You're so vain, it hurts. You must own a mirror (a small steel mirror will suffice), and be able to check yourself out all the time. As a result, you suffer a −4 penalty to Listen and Spot checks whenever you're not in a stressful situation, as you're too busy admiring yourself.

If you are ever at less than full hp, the shame of being mauled gives you a −1 penalty to attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks. You also take this penalty if you are without a mirror for at least 24 hours.

If you are at less than 50% of your maximum hp, the shame grows to a −3 penalty.

One "benefit" to all of this is that you can never love anyone else more than yourself, and any attempts to do something self-harmful, even under compulsion, immediately breaks and ends the compulsion.

Special: You can't have any flaws, traits, or feats which involve permanent deformities such as One-Arm or Deformity, Atrophy without losing the benefits of this flaw. You likely have a high AC or have fast healing to prevent or ablate damage to your gorgeous face.

Vengeful (Flaw)

Description: Some group or party greatly harmed you in the past, leaving you relentlessly vengeful against them and anyone who causes you harm.

Effect: The first time in each round that you are struck by a creature you can see or identify you take a -2 penalty to attack roll, AC, saving throws, DCs and caster level to all attacks made against any other target for 24 hours or until the offending party is beaten or flee. Regardless of how many other creatures strike you subsequently, you only have 1 focus of your vengeance at a time. The penalty against a single creature that strike you multiple time is cumulative, increase by +1 for every hit after the first up to a total penalty of -5. You do not take the penalty if your focus of vengeance becomes a valid target.

Special: Additionally choose a single group or party of individual who wronged you in the past, you are extremely hostile to any creatures related to that group or creatures allies with that group. This apparent hostility causes them to be one step less friendly towards you than normal (to a maximum of Hostile). This is only an 'initial attitude' - depending on your actions, their attitude will adjust appropriately.

Violent Flashbacks (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Intelligence 3+.

Description: You are prone to a series of violent and unfortunate flashbacks. They may be due to events in your pasts, reincarnated memories or even the complete fabrication of the mindrape spell. They generally occur at the start of a battle or other stressful encounter, when you kill someone or see an ally and friend die.

Effect: Whenever you begin an encounter, kill a creature or see an ally fall you have a 10% chance of experiencing violent flashbacks. A flashback last for 10 rounds before subsiding. Once you experience a flashback you are immune to further flashback for 1 hour afterward. You only roll to see if a flashback trigger once per round, if you kill two creatures in the same turn and see an ally fall you roll once not twice or thrice.

When you experience a flashback you take a -2 moral penalty to AC, attack rolls and skill checks for it duration and select one of the four effects below:

• You become At Bay from the source of the flashback.

• You become confused for the duration of the flashback, you do not take the moral penalty to attack roll.

• You enter stupor-like state where you become Dazed for 1 round.

• Additionally choose a triggering event, when you observe such event happening you also risk triggering your flashbacks. The events must at least be semi-common, such as a lightning storm, being wounded by a specific type or weapon and similar situations. Such triggering event has a 25% chance of triggering your flashbacks.

Special: The penalties of this flaw bypass normal immunities and resistance.

Vulnerable (Flaw)

Description: You are not good at defending yourself.

Effect: You take a –1 penalty to Armor Class.

Vulnerable to Trickery (Flaw)

Description: You are easily tricked into horrible situations.

Effect: You are very vulnerable against people who fight or act dirty:

• Creatures attacking you can treat you as flat-footed whenever it would be advantageous (such as dealing sneak attack damage). You are not actually flat-footed, so your AC does not change.

• You take a −5 penalty to Sense Motive checks. You are also unable to keep secrets; creatures gain a +5 bonus on Sense Motive made to see through your lies.

• You take a −2 penalty on saving throws against traps, illusions, and enchantments.

• When you are flanked, you receive a −2 penalty to AC.

Special: If you possess improved uncanny dodge, you count your class levels that grant you uncanny dodge as 5 lower for the purpose of determining who can flank and sneak attack you (so a 6th level barbarian could be flanked and sneak attacked by a 5th level rogue).

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