Tome of Flaws: Descriptions of Addictions, Flaws and Phobias K (3.5e Sourcebook)

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Kinemortophobia (Phobia)

Trigger: Zombies

Effect: When encountering Zombies of any type, the character must make a Will Save equal to 10+ their level.

Each round the character is in the presence of their Phobia they must make a Will Save and it is increased by one each round.

If they fail their save, they suffer from the following effects:

The first time they fail their check they become Shaken.

The second time they fail their check, they become Frightened.

The third time they fail their check, they become Panicked.

A character that is no longer in the presence of their Phobia can make a DC check based off their last failed roll to remove the effects of the Phobia. They can only make this roll once every ten minutes.

Kiss the Floor (Flaw)

Description: You can never fly, and falling is very harsh for you.

Effect: Gravity likes you a bit too much. You can never fly or possess a fly speed, though you can still be carried by another creature with a fly speed. If you fall, you take 1d10 damage plus 1d10 damage per 10 feet fallen (instead of 1d6), maximum 20d10 at 200 ft. This means if you fall prone even from 0 ft, you take 1d10 damage. Finally, standing up from prone is a standard action.

Special: Effects which negate falling damage (such as feather fall) instead do minimum damage.

Koa (Substance Addiction)

Description: This sickly green mold is found in most caverns that have a water system. It can be dried out and turned into a smoked drug. Once lit, it must be smoked for at least one round, and will take two rounds to take effect.

Initial Effect: The user is able to barley breathe underwater for the next 1D6 hours.

Secondary Effect: While underwater they can breathe, but they are Shaken.

Side Effects: If the character remains out of water for more than a turn, they become Panicked until they submerge.

Overdose: If the character uses an additional dose while under the effects of their initial dose, they can barely breathe above water and become Shaken while they remain unsubmerged.

Delivery: Smoked.

Addiction Rating: Medium.

Price: 1 Silver per dose.

Resistance DC: 15

Alchemy DC: 22

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