Tome of Flaws: Descriptions of Addictions, Flaws and Phobias B (3.5e Sourcebook)

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Bad Leg (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Must have legs or limbs for locomotion.

Description: You have a bad leg, which slow you down a bit and make it awkward to run. If you fall though, you will feel it.

Effect: You take 50% extra falling damage and your land speed decrease by 5 ft, additionally when you take the Run action you only move three time your speed (or twice your speed in heavy armor or while carrying a medium load or heavier). You take a -4 penalty against being tripped, bull rushed or otherwise moved against your will.

Bad Seed (Flaw)

Description: It's hard to be good when you're tainted by evil. The character suffers from being easily tempted.

Effect: You take a -4 penalty on any Wisdom or Charisma Skills' opposed rolls and a -4 penalty to Will Saves vs any Charm or Language-Dependent spells, spell-like abilities, or effects. This penalty is doubled if it is applied by a creature with the Evil subtype.

Badly Drawn (Flaw)

Description: You are badly drawn; that's what you get for getting involved in that Cult when you were younger. Your proportions change from day to day, with various penalties.

Effect: At the start of the day, roll on the Badly Drawn Penalties Chart below, gaining a random body distortion which affects you for the next 24 hours. You also take a −2 penalty on Diplomacy and Intimidate due to triggering many people's disgust at your proportions.

Badly Drawn Penalties Chart
D8 Name: Effect
1 Covered in Pouches: Your pockets have pockets; drawing items take one step longer to complete (free becomes move, move becomes standard, standard becomes full-round, full-round becomes 1 round, and so forth).
2 Distorted Neck: Your neck practically fuses into your body seamlessly, and you can't turn your head correctly. Flanking creatures gain a +4 bonus to attack against you instead of +2, and you take a −4 penalty on Spot checks.
3 Extreme Costume: Your clothes were ripped right out of the 90s, all grimdark and spiky and absurd. All the absurd belts and zippers increase your armor check penalty by 6 and arcane spell failure by 15%.
4 Gritted Teeth: You can't stop making grimacing faces. You suffer a 20% chance each round whenever you attempt to speak or use vocal components, or your words are muffled. If you fail, the penalties last for 1 round.
5 Teeny Tiny Feet: Your feet are far too small for your massive legs. You take a −10 penalty on Balance checks, and your speed is reduced as if wearing heavy armor.
6 T-Rex Arms: Your reach is reduced as a creature one size smaller, and your weapon damage becomes as a weapon one size smaller.
7 Youngblood's Disease: Your eyes are squinted and you are half blind. Everyone has 20% concealment to you.
8 Roll twice, ignore 8s

Barbweed (Substance Addiction)

Description: Leaves from the Assassin Vine plant are dried and rolled into a tobacco like substance and smoked.

Initial Effect: 1 point of Wisdom damage.

Secondary Effect: The smoker gains a +2 alchemical bonus to Strength for 1d3 hours. The bonus effects of the drug do not stack, though the duration will be extended.

Side Effects: A creature under the effect of Barbweed is easily confused and acts skittish (treat as Shaken).

Overdose: None.

Delivery: Smoked.

Addiction Rating: Medium.

Price: 2 Gold per dose.

Resistance DC: 12

Alchemy DC: 12

Beady Eyes (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Darkvision

Description: You have narrow, beady eyes that do not catch the light as well as they should.

Effect: Your Darkvision ability is replaced by low-light vision. -2 on Search and Spot checks also.

Bestial Instinct (Flaw)

Description: You prefer to meet your foes so close that you can smell their blood.

Effect: -2 on attack rolls unless using unarmed strikes or natural weapons.

Bestial Intellect (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Cannot be Mindless.

Description: You’re just a dumb beast.

Effect: You automatically fail knowledge checks and cannot gain any ranks in Knowledge skills or speak language. You only know how to perform certain actions as listed in the Alter Program ability of the Bot Subtype except the mimic action is not an option, use handle animal instead of program, and automatically know how to use any special abilities due to race or class and well as self-preservation and identify creature and identify object.

Special: Detect thoughts and mindreading effects only register you as an animal. Speak with animal’s enables communication as if you were an animal.

Black Pudding Paste (Substance Addiction)

Description: This black paste is boiled down Black Pudding to a fine smooth paste. Other herbs and ingredients are added to improve the flavor and reduce the acids effects.

Initial Effect: The user starts to hallucinate and sees strange objects, beings and other things near them. It takes 1 hour before the drug takes affect and the hallucinations begin. The effects last for 2D8 hours.

Secondary Effect: The character is less effective and unresponsive to normal stimuli. They suffer a -10 penalty to Spot checks and similar skills.

Side Effects: The character has hard time understanding what is going on around them; they are easily confused and manipulated while under the influence of the Black Pudding Paste.

Overdose: For each dose taken in the same day, the character has a 5% chance to stay under the effects for an additional D6 hours.

Delivery: Eaten.

Addiction Rating: Low

Price: 1 Gold per dose.

Resistance DC: 15

Alchemy DC: 30

Blind (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Your race must have functional eyes.

Description: You are blind.

Effect: You are permanently blinded. Because you have grown accustomed to this state, the associated penalties to AC and skill checks are halved. You can move at three-quarters your normal speed.

Blind, Partially (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Your race must have functional eyes.

Description: You're as blind as a bat.

Effect: -6 to all Spot and Search checks

Blind Rage (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Rage Ability.

Description: You cannot distinguish between friend and foe when you are raging.

Effect: You cannot end your Rage voluntarily. You Rage for the complete duration and must attack a creature each round, if able. If there are no available creatures to attack within melee range, then you must move towards any visible creature. If no creatures are visible you attack the nearest breakable object. If the only thing left to attack is friendly units, you must attack them.

You get a Will Save of 15 DC each round on your turn to stop yourself attacking an ally.

If any foes become visible you can attack them and engage them rather than an ally.

Blood Lust (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Character must have the Rage ability.

Description: See that thing over there? It has a knife. It has GOT to DIE.

Effect: When threatened, as soon as your character is able, they must become enraged. During each unique combat encounter they experience they must use one of their daily rage allotments until they have none left.

Body Shy (Flaw)

Description: Your character doesn't like being exposed or seen.

Effect: When your character is within 20ft of any non-ally, and is not benefiting from concealment or from total concealment they become Shaken.

Bot Programming (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Must be a construct or augmented construct.

Description: You're not a normal construct; you are much more limited in scope when it comes to your programming.

Effect: You gain the bot subtype. You start with five programs plus one additional program per point of Intelligence or Wisdom bonus plus the Identify Creature and Identify Object programs, and you cannot learn the Mimic program. In order to take an action that is not allowed by your programming (such as attacking without the attack program), you must make a Will Save (DC 8 + your character level); even if you succeed, you take a −4 penalty to that action. If an action is not covered by a program, then it is allowable by default (by example, using Bluff would only require communication ×2, not a special bluff program). You can be pushed to take action through the Program skill like a normal bot, although you can resist it by making a Will Save (DC 15 + your character level). Because of a special failsafe, you are unable to use the Program skill on yourself.

Brash (Flaw)

Description: You move about without careful consideration of foes.

Effect: -6 on Armor Class against attacks of opportunity.

Bravado (Flaw)

Description: You are rash in combat, refusing to back down from your enemy’s attacks.

Effect: You don’t gain any benefits from any kind of dodge bonus to your Armor Class. Spells, items and effects that provide a dodge bonus provide no benefit to you. You cannot use the withdraw action in combat.

Bring My Brown Pants! (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Must have a functional digestive tract.

Description: You are prone to soiling yourself whenever a situation turns dire. This makes you smell bad, chafes your buttocks, and ruins your pants. And let's not go into what happens if you don't have pants.

Effect: Whenever you take damage or are subjected to a fear effect, you must make a Fortitude Save (DC = damage dealt or save DC of fear effect; if both apply to the same effect, use the higher value). If you fail this save, you immediately soil yourself right then and there.

If you are not wearing any clothing that covers your buttocks, you just drop the contents of your bowels right on the space where you stand. The poop smells awful, and all with a functioning olfactory system (read: sense of smell) who approach within a distance of that square equivalent to your natural melee reach (e.g. not adjusted by reach weapons) must succeed on a Fortitude Save (DC = 10 + ½ your HD + your Constitution modifier) or immediately become sickened for as long as they remain in the area and for 5 rounds afterwards. You are immune to being sickened by your own poop for 2 minutes, after which you, too, must make a Fortitude Save if you remain in the area. Regardless of a save's success or failure, creatures are immune to being sickened by that poop pile for 24 hours afterwards. In addition, the square with the poop pile becomes slippery terrain for 10 minutes; while its movement cost is not increased, any land-bound creature passing through the square with the poop must succeed on a DC 15 Balance check or else pratfall, causing them to fall prone, lose all remaining movement and actions in that round, and take damage as though they fell 10 feet.

If you are wearing clothing that covers your buttocks, the poop gets stuck in there. This makes you smell awful; all creatures, friend or foe, with a functional olfactory system (read: sense of smell) that enter your natural melee reach must succeed on a Fortitude Save (DC = 10 + ½ your HD + your Constitution modifier + # of times you've soiled yourself) or immediately become sickened for as long as they remain near you and for 5 rounds thereafter. Regardless of success or failure, creatures subjected to your stench cannot be affected again for 24 hours or until the next time you soil yourself, whichever comes first. You also take a −3 penalty on Diplomacy and Handle Animal checks per time you've soiled yourself when dealing with creatures that are able to smell, because nobody likes a stinker. The poop in your pants is also really, really uncomfortable. You take a −1 penalty to attack rolls, skill checks (except for Concentration, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, and Knowledge), and saving throws (except for Fortitude) for each time that you've soiled yourself. You are also distracted by the poop in your butt, and must succeed on a Concentration check as if subjected to violent motion in order to do anything (the DC is increased by 1 for each time that you've soiled yourself). These effects remain until you are able to change into a fresh set of underpants.

You can only soil yourself up to five times per hour, plus one per size category above Medium or minus one per size category below Medium. After that, whenever you would soil yourself, you instead take 1 point of nonlethal damage as your anal sphincter exerts itself fruitlessly.

Special: If you are immune to fear effects, you are not at risk of soiling yourself when subjected to a fear effect. Bonuses and penalties to saves against fear effects also apply to saves to avoid defecating at inappropriate moments.

Brittle Bones (Flaw)

Description: You can feel things in your bones, and not in a good way.

Effect: Your weight is 75% of the minimum weight of your race. You take a -1 penalty to AC. Your threshold for massive damage is 25 hit points, rather than 50.

Bulls Head (Substance Addiction)

Description: This rare drug is derived from the armor of a Bullete. They are ground to a fine powder mixed with other herbs. This can turned into a paste as well.

Initial Effect: The character becomes immune to fear effects for the next hour.

Secondary Effect: The character has an increased chance to fumble due to their poor coordination. Increase the characters chance to fumble by one for the next hour.

Side Effects: After the drug wears off, the character is Shaken for 1d4 hours.

Overdose: If the drug is taken more than once in a 24-hour period, the character becomes shaken for an additional 4 hours per dose taken.

Delivery: Snorted (powder) or eaten (paste).

Addiction Rating: High.

Price: 1 Gold per dose.

Resistance DC: 15

Alchemy DC: 25

Bully Vendetta (Flaw)

Prerequisite: You cannot kill without reason, may not take killing flaws, and you must NEVER bully another character or NPC or attempt an Intimidate Check.

Description: You will not stand for bullying.

Effect: You cannot kill without reason, no killing flaws, and you must NEVER bully another character or NPC, intimidate checks of all kind are off limits. You were bullied all your life, and, now, you have the power to stop them. But you go too far and often overreact to bullying. If you notice an NPC bullying some living thing, person, animal, etc., your status towards them becomes hostile. If a PC bullies some living thing, you become unfriendly and immediately attempt to stop them.

Understand you HATE all bullying and cannot stand seeing someone overpower someone weaker than them. This means that you are just as likely to come to the aid of an evil being as a good, as long as they are not your enemy. You may attempt to ignore an instance of bullying with a Will Save DC 15 plus 1/2 your hit dice; however, you cannot ignore two instances of bullying that are within an hour of each other, even if they are unrelated. Ignoring an act of bullying puts you in a really bad mood. You suffer a -2 penalty on diplomacy, sense motive, and bluff checks. Also, you are considered distracted. These negatives stay in place until you do something about the bullying or stop another act of bullying.

For example, you find yourself at the business end of the guard's long sword. Maybe slapping him because he bullied the recently captured thief may not have been the best idea. You see a paladin about to strike down an evil cleric, but before he does so, he pushes the cleric to the ground and kicks him onto his back. The paladin, now cursing your name, is doing everything he can to regain his sight and attack you. Your blinding color surge did the trick.

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