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To Do List[edit]

  • Create classes that may be unique and help flesh out the Heroes world. Such as an Evolved Hunter who hunts evolved beings.
  • Create the equipment unique to the Heroes world. Such as the Shanti Virus and the Genetic Modification Formula.
  • Create more Power Feats to fit the missing powers from the Heroes world.
  • Create NPCs for the characters from the Heroes world. Along with all new original NPCs.
  • Create the memerable locations from the Heroes world. Such as the Primatech Facility Headquarters, the Pinehearst Company Headquarters, the Bennet Home (both Odessa and Costa Verde), and Isaac Mendez's Loft (A.K.A. Mohinder's Lab or Reed Street Laboratories).
  • Create some example adventures for a Heroes Campaign.
  • Create important events that take place in the Heroes world. Such as the Eclipse and its effects on powers.
  • Create guidlines to help those trying to run a Heroes Campaign.
  • Finish everything on the To Do List.

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