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The Calendar[edit]

General Astronomical Status[edit]

The planet upon which Skar resides is caught between two suns, Jale and Mitus. As such, there is no "night". As the planet spins, it revolves exposing where you are to the brighter sun (Mitus) or the less bright sun (Jale). A "day" is the time from the setting of one of the suns to its next rise which lasts 20 hours. A year in Skar is shorter than a year on Earth, lasting only 280 days. Broken down from there, we have 2 "cycles" corresponding to when each hemisphere of the planet is tilted toward one of the suns. Seasons are similar to, but more temperate than, those on earth due to the planet's tilt and difference between the heat output of the suns. Time is further broken down into weeks which consist of 10 days.


Brief General History[edit]


The events that occurred prior to the cataclysm are largely unknown. What remains are a few artifacts of great power and scripts that are currently untranslatable. What does remain seems to belong to the same people, known modernly as the Dawnbringers. These Dawnbringers seemed to have access to powerful magics and some pictographs suggest that they were closely connected to the gods.


The cataclysm was the largest disaster in known history and, as such, it is the basis of the year counting system. From what is known of the event, a large daemonic force was able to get into the material plane and destroyed all essence of civilization, enslaving the people who survived the initial slaughter. The demons were led by the Daemon Lord Makith, an upper level demon.


Everything that has happened after the cataclysm is known as the post-cataclysmic period. Years are counted up from the cataclysm in the manner of (year) PC. This period is broken up into eras, namely, the daemon era, post-daemon renaissance, dominion wars, horde wars, and reign of the empire.

The Daemon Era[edit]

The Post-Daemon Renaissance[edit]

Dominion Wars[edit]

Horde Wars[edit]

Reign of the Empire[edit]

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