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Fearless risk takers set loose on the world. Known for delivering a hurting with a charge attack and a handful of tricked out skills, Thrillseekers have a knack for staying alive when others keel over, doing so without spells, stealth or a mastery of weapons.

Making a Thrillseeker[edit]

Background: People with nothing left to lose, those easily bored or any person that has a desire to lay it on the line, starts down the path of a Thrillseeker. Not many live past that first few charges, those that do slowly develop tricks and traits that prepare them to survive the next headlong task that fancies their desire. Eventually, a definite uniqueness emerges separating one Thrillseeker from the next or for that matter, a lunatic with a death wish.

Role: The Thrillseeker is a problem starter and problem solver, with a unique bag of skills and personality bent to match. He can be a trigger man or leader but isn't far from action.

Races: Humans, Half Elves, and Half Orcs make up the lion's share of Thrillseekers. Elves typically value life too much to gamble it against the odds for entertainment sake. Dwarves have churned out many famous Thrillseekers most run too stiff. While both Halflings and Gnome share the joy of the Thrillseeker few sport that toughness to pull it off as a life calling.

Other Classes: Thrillseekers get along with most other classes but none more than Barbarians and Bards but for completely different reasons. Barbarians give Thrillseekers a run for their money in bravado, and both (usually) enjoy the contest. While Bards admire the free spirit of Thrillseekers, often peppering thier stories with glorious actions of Thrillseekers. Thrillseekers come to odds when they encounter Paladins and Monks but more so the latter. It the lawfulness and the restraint that make the two flaming oil and a water elements, especial when it comes to tendency of a Thrillseeker to make snap decision time. At higher levels they tend to get along much better. There is also a bit of a kerfluffle between Druid and some Thrillseekers, who don't see eye to eye on animals. Lastly Thrillseekers have much admiration for Rangers but the feeling isn't always mutual.

Alignment: Chaotic, who else would, repeatedly plunge face first without a safe plan?

Starting Gold: As Rogue.

Table: Thrillseeker   Hit Die: d12
Level Base
Attack Bonus
Additional Charge Damage & Effect
1st +0 +2 +2 +0 Half Step, Charger +1d4, Penetrating Charge
2nd +1 +3 +3 +0 Skill Trick-1, Die Hard +1d6
3rd +2 +3 +3 +1 Adrenaline Rush +1d6
4th +3 +4 +4 +1 Size Up +1d8, Glory Charge
5th +3 +4 +1 +1 Skill Trick-2 +1d8
6th +4 +5 +5 +2 +1d10
7th +5 +5 +5 +2 Bloody Fortune +1d10, Whirling Charge
8th +6/+1 +6 +6 +2 Skill Trick-3 +1d12
9th +6/+1 +6 +6 +3 +1d12
10th +7/+2 +7 +7 +3 Defensive Knack +1d12, Terrifying Charge
11th +8/+3 +7 +7 +3 Skill Trick-4 +1d20
12th +9/+4 +8 +8 +4 +1d20
13th +9/+4 +8 +8 +4 Death Dodging +1d20, Impervious Charge
14th +10/+5 +9 +9 +4 Skill Trick-5 +2d12
15th +11/+6/+1 +9 +9 +5 Die Harder +2d12
16th +12/+7/+2 +10 +10 +5 Living Legend +2d12, Death Charge
17th +12/+7/+2 +10 +10 +5 Skill Trick-6 +2d20
18th +13/+8/+3 +11 +11 +6 +2d20
19th +14/+9/+4 +11 +11 +6 +2d20, Last Charge
20th +15/+10/+5 +12 +12 +6 Skill Trick-7, Die Hardest +3d20

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Escape Artist (Dex), Handle Animal (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Swim (Str), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex).

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Thrillseeker.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Thrillseeker is proficient with all simple weapons, and all martial weapons except One-Handed Melee Weapons. Additionally, they are proficient in one Exotic Weapon. They are proficient in Light and Medium Armor.

Half Step(Ex): A Thrillseeker is quick to action, they get a 1+ 1/2 Thrillseeker's level bonus to initiative.

Charger(Ex): A Thrillseeker is exceptional at charging into action. They do additional damage and have special effects when charging. A Thrillseeker gains an additional +2 to hit on all charge attacks.

Penetrating Charge: At 1st level a Thrillseeker gains Penetrating Charge, their charge attack ignores Damage Resistance.

Glory Charge: At 4th level a Thrillseeker gains Glory Charge. At the cost of their own life a Thrillseekers is capable of doing great damage. On a charge attack, they may sacrifice their own hit point to do extra damage, on a 1 to 1 basis, for every 1 hit point sacrificed they do an additional 1 point in damage if they hit the target. The Thrillseeker sacrifice must be determined before charge attack roll is made. A Glory Charge receives an additional +2 to hit.

Whirling Charge: At 7th level a Thrillseeker gains Whirling Charge. A Thrillseeker charge is a threat to all. A the end of the charge attack, the Thrillseeker can make a melee attack to all opponents within reach, including the target of the charge. This is similar but not identical to the Whirlwind attack.

Terrifying Charge: At 10th level a Thrillseeker gains Terrifying Charge. The war cry and advancing charge of a Thrillseeker can cause his enemies to flee. This only effects the target of the charge and those with in 10 ft of the target. It only effects opponents with less hit dice than Thrillseeker. The fear effects last 1d4 rounds. A Will save equal to the Thrillseeker's Level + Charisma negates the effect, a successful save negates the effect for 24 hours. Creatures immune to fear are unaffected. Effects vary according to save. Those who fail the save are effected as a fear spell.

Impervious Charge:At 13th level a Thrillseeker gains Impervious Charge. The round a Thrillseeker charges they have Damage Reduction equal to his Thrillseeker level & a Spell Resistance equal to 10 + his Thrillseeker levelSR30. This doesn't function two consecutive rounds in a row.

Death Charge: At 16th level a Thrillseeker gains Death Charge. Any target hit by Thrillseeker's charge must make a Fort save equal to the 1/2 damage dealt by charge attack or die. This doesn't effect creature immune to critical hits.

Last Charge: At 19th level a Thrillseeker gains Last Charge. If a Thrillseeker goes below 1 hit point they can make a charge attack as a free action against any target with in 1/2 their move, they can not die by damage until they have completed the attack.

Trick Skill(Ex): Thrillseekers can pick a skill trick from the following 10 options, or may select a Skill Trick they already have and make it an Improved Skill Trick.

(1) Buck the Odds:
Trying to do something nearly impossible or greatly dangerous is Bucking the Odds.
If the Thrillseeker attempts an action that could result in death, or the failure of a dice single roll is likely to result in imminent death (with in 10 rounds) they gain +2 or + %10 for Bucking the Odds.

  • Apply anytime a Thrillseeker can only hit a target with a natural 20, they can now hit with a roll of 19 and 20.
  • Apply anytime a Thrillseeler can only succeed a saving throw with a natural 20, they now can succeed with a roll of 19 or 20.
  • Apply anytime a Thrillseeker witnesses someone fail a particular save and take damage or die, the Thrillseeker gains a +2 to that particular save for the next ten rounds.
  • Additional apply +2 to skill checks; If the Thrillseeker is under 10 HP and a skill check failure could result in any damage, If damage from a skill check failure could reduce a Thrillseeker to 1 or less hitpoints, or if death is imminent as a result of a failed check but not a direct result of a skill failure, such as an Escape Artist check while under water.
  • Also apply to any non combat, non saving throw roll where chances for specific result (wanted by the Thrillseeker) is 5% or less chance for success, the Thrillseeker adds 5% to the attempt.

Improved Buck the Odds, all rolls where a 20 is needed for success now are 18, 19, or 20. All %5 or less chances now add +10%

(2)Aggressive Mount:
A Thrillseeker can ride anything with four legs. A Thrillseeker who takes the Aggressive Mount feat gains the Trample feat.
A Thrillseeker can attempt to mount any nonhumanoid creature with a Ride check DC 20 + Creature's Hit Dice
Aggressive Mounting provokes an attack of opportunity, unless a Jump DC 15+Creature's Hit Dice is made (+4 for each size category larger.)If a Thrillseeker attempts to mount a flat footed creature, they get +4 to attempt (to Jump or Ride check).

  • A failed Ride Check means the Thrillseeker doesn't mount the Creature, a failed Jump check means the Thrillseeker is open for an attack of opportunity and doesn't mount the creature.

Once mounted, the creature can buck the Thrillseeker unless the Thrillseeker makes a Ride check DC 15+ Creature's Strength and Size Modifiers. If a Thrillseeker gets bucked they take Crash damage and become prone, unless they succeed a Tumble check DC 20. A creature can attempt to buck a Thrillseeker 1 time per hit dice, each time they are mounted. If a creatures has used all it's bucks, the Thrillseeker gets a +5 to ride checks until they dismount. Bucking take a full round action. Creatures can attack mounted Thrillseekers with at a -8 modifier, unless they have a tail attack in which there is no modifiers to that attack. A Thrillseeker can attempt to attack the mounted creature as a full round action and a ride check DC 10+Hit dice, they gain +2 that attack.

While mounted and not broken the Thrillseeker can crash the mount and inflict 1d4 damage plus Crash Damage to the mount with a ride check DC 20+HD. Failure by more than 10 means the Thrillseeker is bucked. A successful ride check allows the Thrillseeker to move the target's 1/2 it normal move into an object. If the target moves pass a threaten space this provokes an attack of opportunity for both the Thrillseeker and mount.

Size Crash Damage
Small 1d4
Medium 1d8
Large 1d12
Huge 2d8
Giant 2d10
Colossal 3d8

Improved Aggressive Mount, You can to 'break' the creature's will effectively dominating it with a Ride Check of 25+HD, failure by 10 or more and the Thrillseeker gets bucked and takes crash damage. This is a full round action, and only effects creatures with lower Intelligence scores than the thrillseekers. They must succeed 3 times in 24 hours in order to dominate the creature, although not in order. The creature is only dominated for 1 hour per level. A creature is only 25% likely to stay dominated once the Thrillseeker dismounts, although future attempts to break it only require 1 successful attempt.

(3) Aggressive Roping:
With a Use Rope skill a Thrillseeker can entangle a target up to 30 feet as full round action, if they succeed in Rope check roll touch attack equal to touch armor class+ 10DC.

Aggressive Roping DC
Entangle Touch AC + 10
Each Additional 10ft +5 to DC beyond 30ft

The Thrillseeker can Aggressive Rope while mounted, and use a mounts strength while mounted.
Once entangled an opposed strength roll keeps the entangled target from moving away from the Thrillseeker.
Additional Aggressive Ropings against an entangled target reduced entangled target's strength by 4, as long as they are entangled.
A Thrillseeker can drag an entangled target for 1 round with a successful opposed Strength check. The distance is 2 feet per point the entangled target loses the opposed strength check by. If either Thrillseeker or entangled target lose by more than 10 they become prone for 1 round. The Thrillseeker can drop the rope to avoid effect, be drug. A target can not be drug more than the Thrillseeker or mount's movement.
Aggressive Roping works on target one size smaller, no upper size limit.

Drag Factors Opposed Strength Modifiers
Entangled Target Size Small +1
Entangled Target Size Medium +4
Entangled Target Size Large +8
Entangle Target Size Huge +16
Entangle Target Size Giant +32
Entangle Target Size Colossal +64
Entangle Target Prone -4
Entangle Target Drug last round -4
More than 2 legs (mounted Thrillseeker or target) +4 per 2 legs
Thrillseeker size bigger than Target +2 per size category bigger

Drag damage is 1d8 per 10 feet.
Improved Aggressive Roping, you gain +4 to all Use Rope rolls.

(4) Exhaustive Tumbling:
Trying to hit a tumbling Thrillseeker is exhausting, they dodge out of the way just before an attack hits cause the attacker insult and minor injury.
Using Exhaustive Tumbling the Thrillseeker goes full defensive(+2 to AC, no attacks), each time they are attacked while performing an Exhaustive Tumble they may use their tumble roll in lieu of AC, taking which ever result is better.

  • If the target misses or fails to damage the Thrillseeker they take Thrillseeker's Cha bonus in nonlethal damage. This damage increases +1 each consecutive miss (Cha Bonus+1 on second miss, Cha Bonus+2 on third miss, etc) Only creatures with Constitution are damaged by Exhaustive Tumbling.

Improved Exhaustive Tumbling, you can make one attack at -4 while using Exhaustive Tumbling, and Thrillseekers now suffer no penalty for tumble checks while in light or medium armor.

(5) Lucky Devil:
A Thrillseeker wouldn't survive long if they were made an example of every time. Thrillseekers have developed a knack of getting through an encounter with least amount hurt.
Once per day, a Thrillseeker can opt to take minimum damage or duration of a given effect, (E.G. Hit by a fire ball 6d6, you failed your save, you can opt to take 6 hit points.)
Improved Lucky Devil, you can use Lucky Devil three times per day.

(6) Macho Promise:
A Thrillseeker can make a Macho Promise by boasting, bragging or otherwise declaring himself more of a man than someone.
If Thrillseeker boasts for 1 round per Thrillseeker level in front of someone, with a shared language, and beats himself in an opposed roll Bluff verse Sense Motive to succeed then he gains a Confidence bonus. This Confidence bonus is applied when the conditions of the Macho Promise are met.
The Thrillseeker must declare the target or location, and the starting event while boasting (E.g. (Target - Combat) When Hanigan and I cross swords again I'll be ready,(Location - Skill) When I set foot in Blackthorns castle my feet will be steady, or (Location - Attribute) When I wake tomorrow I'm bending those bars, 'strength'. The target, location and starting event should be clear and distinct.
The Macho Promise is lost if Thrillseeker evokes a different Macho Promise before the conditions are met.
A successful Macho Promise grants one of the following Confidence Bonuses.

  • (Combat) A Confidence bonus that effects two of the three options; 1) attack and damage rolls, 2) armor class or 3) saving throws it lasts 1 round per Thrillseeker level. The Confidence Bonus equals character's Charisma bonus.
  • (Skill) A Confidence bonus that effects a Thrillseeker skill and one Saving Throw lasting 1 hour per level. The Confidence Bonus equals the character's Charisma bonus.
  • (Attribute) A Confidence Bonus that effects one attribute lasting 1 hour per level. The Confidence Bonus equals the character's Charisma Bonus.

The potency of Macho Promises grow over time.

Time Bonus
A Week Charisma +1 or +1 minute per Character level
A Month Charisma +2 or +10 minutes per Character level
A Year Charisma +4 or +1 hour per Character level
A Decade (or 5 levels) Charisma +6 or +1 day per Character level

Improved Macho Promise, your Macho Promise confident bonus double in duration.

(7) Extreme Sport:
The Thrillseeker are deft at narrowly avoiding death, particularly in medium or light armor when it comes to balancing, swimming, climbing, and jumping.
A Thrillseeker can take a 20 as a result on 1 climb, jump, balance or swim check each once per day. This must happened before a roll is attempted.
Should the Thrillseeker fall while climbing, jumping or balancing they get a climb check 10 feet before they hit bottom (or every 50 feet.) If they make the climb check (Original DC +5) then they found a hold, and are no longer falling. Negate this if their is nothing with 10 feet of Thrillseeker's reach.
A Thrillseeker can use to Swim Checks to dive from great heights. A success check negates damage. Only 5 feet of water is needed.

Dive Swim Check DC
50 ft 10
+10 Ft +5
Each 1ft less water +5

A minimum of 1 foot of water is needed.
Thrillseekers suffers no armor penalty for climb, balance, and jump checks while in light armor.

  • Improved Extreme Sport, you suffers no armor penalty for climb, balance, and jump checks while in light or medium armor Additionally, a Thrillseeker can take a 20 as a result on one climb, jump, balance or swim check each once per day. This now can happened after a roll is attempted.

(8) Show Off:
A Thrillseeker can attempt feats they haven't mastered.
A Thrillseeker gains a swappable feat, which allows them to pick a new feat everyday. They can not pick the same feat two days in a row.
The Thrillseeker must have the prerequisites for the feat.

  • Improved Show Off, you can ignore attribute and level requirements, but not other feats as prerequisites.

(9) Aggressive Survival:
The Thrillseeker can find the most dangerous route from point a to b.
While being chased, followed or tracked, a Thrillseeker can take the pursuer through rough and dangerous territory at peril to the chaser, and potentially themselves, with an opposed survival roll.

  • A Thrillseeker must declare what effect they are attempting, Roughshod, Hazard, or Hostile Encounter.
  • Then opposed Survival rolls are made, if the Thrillseeker wins by the DC for the effect
  • If the Thrillseeker beats the pursuer's roll by the amount listed, the pursuer takes the effect.
  • If the Thrillseeker beats the pursuer's roll but doesn't have the amount, the result is negated.
  • If the pursuer beats the Thrillseeker by the amount listed, the Thrillseeker takes the effect.
  • If the pursuer beats the Thrillseeker by the amount listed, the result is negated.

A Thrillseeker can use Roughshod, Hazard or Hostile Encounter each once per day. It takes effect in 1d8 rounds for a chase, 1d8 minutes for being followed, or 1d8 hours when being tracked.

  • Chased applies in any environment when the target is moving 1 round of movement away if Thrillseeker stopped movement. Followed applies when sight is evident every 10 minutes, or distance could be closed in 10 minutes if Thrillseeker stopped movement. Tracked applies when the Thrillseeker is being tracked or followed at a great distance and they know the particular target doing so, and when the Thrillseeker is 1 day away if they stopped movement.
Run them Roughshod 10
Lead them to a Hazard 15
Lead them to an Encounter 20
  • Run them Roughshod, forces them to make a Fortitude Save with a DC equal to the Thrillseeker's original Survival Roll or become fatigued, and take 1d8 damage.
  • A Hazard, typically results in Reflex save with a DC equal to the Thrillseeker's original Survival Roll else get caught in a trap EC equal to 1/2 Thrillseeker's level plus the Thrillseeker's Wisdom Modifier. Default result; Target is prone, and takes 2d6 damage.
  • An Encounter, typically results in a Will save with DC equal to the Thrillseeker's original Survival Roll or result in an encounter EC equal to 1/2 Thrillseeker's level plus the Thrillseeker's Wisdom Modifier. Default result; Target encounters 1/2 the Thrillseeker's level in 2nd level Rogues intent on robbing them.

Aggressive Survival is not applicable in all situations, its up the DM to When results do not fit the environment
Aggressive Survival, A Thrillseeker can immediately try an Aggressive survival after the last one is completed.

(10) Never Trapped Alive:
A sudden jerk and they are free.
A Thrillseeker will break their own arm to get free. A Thrillseeker can Jerk Free, sacrificing hit points to gain a bonus on an Escape Artist roll, for every 1d4 hit point sacrificed they gain a +1 on their next Escape Artist roll. Damage is dealt before escape check is determined.
A Thrillseeker make an Escape Artist as a swift action. You can not Jerk Free from tight spaces. Thrillseeker with Never Trapped Alive gains Toughness Feat.

  • Improved Never Trapped Alive, you only suffer the damage if you fail to escape.

Adrenaline Rush(Ex):
At 3rd level Thrillseeker turn fear into an Adrenaline Rush.
Thrillseekers are immune to fear and fear effects, and instead are effected as below. These effects remains as long the intended effect plus an addition 5 rounds. A Thrillseeker is also effected by being close to death.

Fear Effect Bonus
Shaken As Bull Strength
Frighten As Bull Strength and Heroism
Panicked As Bull Strength and Greater Heroism
Close to death (Under 5+Character Level in Hit Points) Cat's Grace

Size Up(Ex):
At 4th level a Thrillseeker gains the ability to Size Up the odds.
A Thrillseeker can determine the exact percentage or DC needed to accomplish a task after direct observation (1d10) with a Intelligence check DC 10. A Thrillseeker that fails can try again to determine that particular task the next day. This works on any DC (including Armor Class) and opposed roll. [E.G. A Thrillseeker wonders what his chances to beat an ogre in an arm wrestling contest, The ogre has a +12 to strength rolls verse +2 for Thrillseeker.]

  • The DM doesn't have to spell out the odds, just make them aware of a ratio.

Bloody Fortune(Ex):
At 7th level a Thrillseeker gains the Bloody Fortune ability used to push chance at cost to their own health.
A Thrillseeker can sacrifice 10 hit points for a reroll on an attack, or skill check.

Defensive Knack(Ex):
At 10th level a Thrillseeker gains the a Defensive knack.
A Thrillseeker must choose Evasion or Damage Reduction DR 2/- (note damage reduction doesn't apply to sacrificed hit points)

Death Dodging(Ex):
At 13th level a Thrillseeker gains the Death Dodging ability, which puts them on track to out last their equipment.
A Thrillseeker can attempt to divert an attack that has already hit them to their gear, attacked can be diverted if the Thrillseeker succeeds a Reflex save equal to the attack roll. This attack applies to melee, ranged, and spell with touch attack rolls.
A Thrillseeker can use the Death Dodge ability until they fail to make a reflex save, after which they must wait 24 hours.
A successful death dodge will sunder one of Thrillseeker's item, unless they succeed the Reflex save was a natural 20.
The sundered item must weigh 1 or more pounds, artifacts can not be sundered but are knocked 20 feet away.

Item Effected Roll
Helmet 0-40%
Item/Weapon in Hand 41-80%
Armor/Clothing 81-90%
Other (Under 5+Character Level in Hit Points) 91-100%
  • If no item is present Thrillseeker takes the effect.

Die Harder(Ex):
At 15th level a Thrillseeker gains Die Harder and is almost impossible to keep down.
As Die Hard Feat except, may stay alive until they reach -19. At -20 they fall dead. At -10 the Thrillseeker starts every round as prone.

Living Legend(Su):
At 16th level a Thrillseeker gains Living Legend status, they have soaked so much pain and remained alive its become habit.
A Thrillseeker now heals at 3 times the normal rate. Magical healing has double the effect.

Die Hardest(Su):
At 20th level a Thrillseeker gains the Die Hardest ability, the son of a bitch just won't die. As Die Harder, but now may stay alive until they reach -29, at -30 they fall dead. At -10 the Thrillseeker starts every round as prone.

  • Additionally, A Thrillseeker becomes immune to death effects.


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