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Thrall to Zuggtmoy[edit]

A most unpleasant class preferred by evil druids, and clerics the Thrall of Zuggtmoy derive their powers from various fungi, and molds. A dark fungal symbiont is imbedded in the players body which they are able to manipulate. Though they are not necessarily spellcasters they use their powerful spell like abilities to sicken, manipulate, and eliminate opponents. These characters worship the fungal goddess [Zuggtmoy] who appears as a sickening, yet enthralling woman made entirely of a black moist fungus. She uses her abilities to seduce players (regardless of sex) to do her biddings.

Becoming a Thrall to Zuggtmoy[edit]

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Evil alignment, if good alignment changes to evil..
Skills: 8 Ranks in Knowledge (Fungus). 8 Ranks in Knowledge (Nature).
Spellcasting: Must be able to cast second level divine spells.
Special: Must have 6 Hit Dice or more. Must have been contacted by [Zuggtmoy] through a hallucination.
Table: The Thrall to Zuggtmoy

Hit Die: d8

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +3 +1 +4 Immunity poison,disease;chitinous structure; Spore Mind
2nd +2 +4 +1 +5 Sickening Odor
3rd +3 +4 +2 +6 Fungal Weapon
4th +4 +5 +2 +7 Spore Mind (conversation)
5th +5/2 +6 +3 +8
6th +6/3 +6 +3 +9 Spore Influence
7th +7/4 +7 +4 +10 Fungal Weapon increases a level
8th +8/5 +8 +5 +10 Maddening Odor
9th +9/6/5 +8 +5 +11
10th +10/7/6 +9 +6 +12 Spore Domination; Fungal Weapon damage increases a level

Class Features[edit]

Spore Mind: At first level the player receives the ability spore mind. This allows the player to tap into the combined knowledge local fungus in order to learn about recent information that may have occurred in the area. This allows for a +6 bonus on checks regarding knowledge on woods, caves or any other place where fungus or molds may be present. Keep in mind cities, towns, and dry regions may not have a large enough amount of fungi in order to gain any useful knowledge.

Chitinous Structure: At first level the character's flesh begins to take on fungal properties including chitinous cell structure. This grants the user a +2 natural armor bonus.

Sickening Odor: At second level the player receives the ability sickening odor. This ability allows the user to produce an intense mildewy scent by manipulating their fungal symbiont at will. Characters engaged in melee combat with this character must make a 14 fortitude save or become sickened. This is a free action and may be used up to 3 times a day.

Fungal Weapon At third level the player may choose from various natural weapons that form on their body due to their fungal symbiont developing in their body.

Table: Fungal Claw[edit]
Level Damage
1st 1d10
2nd 1d12+3
3rd 2d12

The fungus enlarges the users arm and creating large spikes allowing them to deal large amounts of damage; however only allowing basic clumsy actions with that hand and a -4 penalty to charisma when exposed.

Table: Fungal Club[edit]
Level Damage
1st 1d12
2nd 2d12
3rd 3d12

A grotesque fungal mass overtakes the players arm covered with large hardened mushroom shaped spires. The user has virtually no motor skills with this arm other than swinging and pushing. There's an automatic -4 penalty to charisma because it's nearly impossible to conceal and a -8 modifier to charisma when exposed. Land Base speed is reduced by 10ft.

Table: Fungal Jaw[edit]
Level Spores Fort Save
1st 1d4mold 14
2nd 1d4+mold 17
3rd 1d6+mold 20

The players mouth and jaw become blackened and foul with fungus. Teeth begin to fall out and are replaced by hardened fangs of fungus, and saliva is replaced by a corrosive black mold. When bitten the mold gets into the body and begins to sicken the target. With a failed fortitude save the target reacts as if affected by a 'wrack' spell.(Book of Vile Darkness) Their eyes and face begin to burn and itch and they become helpless after 3 rounds and remain this way until treated. This causes a -6 penalty to charisma when unconcealed, and the player's speech becomes difficult to understand causing an automatic -2 charisma penalty.

Spore mind (conversation): – At fourth level the character's mind begins to familiarize itself with the fungal tissue and allows the character to communicate with local fungal life and ask specific questions.

Spore Influence: At sixth level the character can use it's fungal tissue to produce spores that can influence a target's mood. The ability works as a first level 'charm person' spell (DC 19 WILL).This ability can be used once per day. (Players Handbook)

Maddening Odor: At eighth level the user can cause its body to produce a foul odor that causes the targets within a 15 ft. area to begin hallucinating (DC 18 FORT) as a free action . Any targets that do not succeed the fortitude save will begin to see things in a strange manner. Shapes become enlarged and amorphous, they begin to shudder and wobble making it very difficult to strike enemies. They have a 25% miss rate. This ability can be used once per day.

Spore Domination: At tenth level the user gains total control of their fungal symbiont. They can produce spores that can completely dominate and warp the mind of a target. This ability acts as a 9th level Sorcerer/Wizard spell 'mind rape.' (Book of Vile Darkness) Any Evil intelligent humanoid or monstrous humanoid.

Ex-Thralls to Zuggtmoy[edit]

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Thrall to Zuggtmoy[edit]




Thralls to Zuggtmoy in the World[edit]

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Thrall to Zuggtmoy Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in can research to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

DC Result
11 .
16 .
21 .
26 .

Thralls to Zuggtmoy in the Game[edit]


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