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Weapon (any melee weapon that deals slashing damage), T1 rare, T2 very rare, T3 very rare, T4 legendary

Thinuaran blades are magic weapons the absorb the souls of the creatures they kill. The Thinuaran that is used to create these weapons is extremely rare and glows with an ethereal purple and blue light along the edges. Due to the ability to take souls that these weapons have they are often hunted down by overly zealous/righteous paladins and clerics and then melted down and tossed into a watery abyss somewhere or thrown into portal or fissure to the void where they can never be retrieved.

These weapons do not have any extra effect on undead or constructs(they do damage but cant collect souls), Thinuaran blades take up to 100, 200, 300, or 400 souls then allow the wielder to increase a single ability score by one but the creatures killed must be of CR 7 or higher for the soul to be taken, some Thinuaran blades have different soul caps before they allow the wielder to convert all of the stored souls into an ability score. You can choose to expend the next collection to give the weapon a +1(to a maximum of +4) however the collection cap raises by 100 every time you choose this option, the minimum CR goes up by 2 when you choose this as well ( minimum of CR 15 at +4 and a soul cap of 400). Thinuaran blades do not raise your ability scores higher than the maximum a character has access too, i.e if you are part of a campaign that goes to a A.S cap of for example 24 in stead of the normal 20 the cap will be 24 unless something else raises the cap. Upon reaching the maximum soul cap of a tier 4 Thinuaran blade if all of your ability scores are maxed out then as a bonus action in your next engagement you may expend the souls at a rate of 25 per minute(or 10 combat rounds if you want to think about it that way) to gain an additional 3d8 force damage this effect lasts until the end of the fight/engagement.

Tier 1 > +1 to hit and attack rolls soul cap of 100 CR requirement of 7 or higher to gain the soul(any creature with a CR lower than the required challenge rating will have its soul sent into the void and no charges gained this also applies if the blades are at full storage capacity)

Tier 2 > +2 to hit and attack rolls soul cap of 200 CR requirement of 10 or higher to gain the soul

Tier 3 > +3 to hit and attack rolls soul cap of 300 CR requirement of 13 or higher to gain the soul

Tier 4 > +4 to hit and attack rolls soul cap of 400 CR requirement of 15 or higher to gain the soul

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