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Garrett's "Bow" from Thief (2014 video game for PS3)
Thief's Compound Bow
Martial Two-Handed Projectile
Critical: 19–20/×2
Range Increment: 80 ft.
Type: Piercing
Hardness: 10
  • Weapon Enchantments: Weapon Finesse, Seeking
Size Cost1 Damage Weight1 hp
Fine * 1d2 * 1
Diminutive * 1d3 * 1
Tiny * 1d4 * 2
Small 100gp 1d6 5 lbs 5
Medium 100gp 1d12 10 lbs 10
Large 200gp 2d8 20 lbs 20
Huge 400gp 3d8 40 lbs 40
Gargantuan 800gp 4d8 80 lbs 80
Colossal 1200gp 6d6 120 lbs 160
  1. The SRD only gives a means to determine costs and weights of weapons for Large and Small versions based on the Medium weapons. Any other supplied values are the author's best determination.

Unlike other bows in this era in time, the Thief's Compound Bow can compress down to a smaller size so as to be stored on a back-mounted Quiver. The coloration of the bow depicts it as having a faded blue/black color palette, while also having a very worn dark gray body and various dark brown "patches",deceiving many individual into believing its an outdated or unusable weapon. The most impressive disguising feature of the Thief's Compound Bow though, is the arrow ammunition used for varying tasks and targets. The purpose of the Thief's Compound Bow changes depending on the situation the individual finds themself in, whether it's creating a distraction to separate guards, killing guards or simply hitting special lock mechanisms on raised "bridges" along the rooftops to lower them. Each type of arrow designed for this particular bow is unique and powerful in it own right, making them extremely valuable to the Thieves and Assassin guilds across Faerun.

Bow Balancing

Compact Build: This enhancement turn bulky bows, crossbows and firearms into compact version of themselves which is more easily handled. This enhancement may only be added to a ranged weapon. If applied to a non-bow weapon, it handedness is reduced by one step. A two-handed weapon can be used one-handed, a one-handed weapon become light. If the weapon was already light, it grant a +6 bonus on sleight of hand check made to conceal it. If used on a bow, it can be used while mounted with no penalty. Once this enhancement is applied, it permanently change the shape of the weapon. This means that this enhancement does not have a magical aura, nor can it be dispelled or suppressed.

Bow Shot Strength

Compound Strength: This enhancement can only be placed on the composite longbow, composite shortbow and ranged weapons with similar properties. Anyone wielding the weapon with a strength bonus lower than the Compound Strength's bonus is treated as having the Compound Strength's bonus on attack and damage rolls with the weapon. If the weapon has "composite" in front of the name, it is changed to "compound" instead. Additionally, the strength bonus from the enhancement must match or beat the strength rating of the weapon.

Quiver Capacity: The blackened leather quiver is rather plain in design, yet sturdy and large enough to hold an impressive amount of x64 arrows, divided into two compartments on the inside (each compartment capable of holding x32 arrows) that has been enchanted to weather special magical imbuements that would be placed on arrows and considered too hazardous to touch ungloved or left out on basic materials.

Thief's Compound Bow Ammunition Types
Blast Arrow Blunt Arrow Broadhead Arrow Choke Arrow Fire Arrow Rope Arrow Sawtooth Arrow Water Arrow
Penetrating, Greater|75% Heavy|Strength Graceful Striking|Dexterity Phase|Choking Gas Flamed Touched|+4 fire dmg Extended|x3 Reach Bloodseeking|+4 To Hit Energy Spray|5ft radius burst
100gp 100gp 100gp 100gp 100gp 100gp 100gp 100gp
  • Blast Arrow: "The more volatile barrel canister and heavier trigger delivers a small but intense explosion that ignites flammable materials and deals extensive damage to the target area. Breakable objects will be destroyed."
  • Blunt Arrows: Cheap and simply made, the blunt arrow breaks on impact and is designed to interact with the environment at a distance, such as hitting a switch, without wasting more expensive options. They are excellent for simple distractions.
  • Broadhead Arrow: The Broadhead Arrow is used to quickly take down guards at a medium range. Aim for parts of the head not covered by helmets, usually the eyes.
  • Choke Arrows: On impact, the barrel releases a noxious and suffocating gas momentarily incapacitates the target, causing mild nausea and difficulty breathing. They work on both humans and animals. Humans will start coughing and will temporarily be unable to detect you, though will be suspicious immediately. Animals are knocked out, allowing you to swoop safely. Just like Water Arrows they can extinguish open flame light sources, though they are less economical for that purpose.
  • Fire Arrows: Powder in the barrel reacts to a triggered spark upon impact creating a small burst of flame that can ignite some flammable materials. Fire arrows are like flying matches. They will light up things that are supposed to burn, like candles, wall mounted torches, oil puddles and gas leaks, but not furniture, wooden boxes, houses, or people/animals.
  • Rope Arrows: Upon impact with a suitable surface, a length of rope will unravel (60ft) with a diminutive sized Grappling Hook attached, allowing the user to climb and explore previously inaccessible areas.
  • Sawtooth Arrows: They are a more lethal version of Broadhead Arrows. Due to the cost and low carry limit they should be used sparingly, but they are very useful and powerful. They have armour-piercing capabilities and can one-shot kill most enemies, even while alerted.
  • Water Arrows: The release of water from the barrel upon impact extinguishes small or medium-sized sources of flame such as torches, fireplaces or braziers. This allows the user to have an ease of access in dark areas, making it harder for nearby enemies to notice the user.

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