Thick Chainmail (Pathfinder Equipment)

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Table: Thick Chainmail
Armor Type Cost Armor Bonus Maximum
Dex Bonus
Armor Check
Arcane Spell
Failure Chance
Speed 30 ft. Speed 20 ft. Weight
Medium Armor 15 gp +6 +4 −5 30% 15ft. 10ft. 60 lb.

This armor is a thick heavy armor set in the form of medium armor. This armor counts as medium armor despite its weight but still has consequences similar to heavy armor (i.e. speed). Fighter Armor Training applies to this as a medium armor removing speed penalties as normal. Its form does not inhibit dodging, but simple maneuvers like somatic spell components and intricate maneuvers like climbing have a large check penalty. Because of its simplistic design, masterwork of this type can be formed at half price.

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