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Stub Logo.png This page is incomplete and/or lacking flavor. Reason: Firstly, this needs to be clearer in its mechanics. Is there a reason why fire immunity and resistance are specifically mentioned instead of following the normal rules? Why is the damage fixed at a specific amount (which is, by the way, the equivalent of about 28d6). Are you supposed to throw this? What is its range? Do you make a ranged attack roll, or can the targets make a saving throw? Secondly, this is very similar to the necklace of fireballs which has practically the same effect. As such the thermo-detonator is a bit redundant.

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Wondrous item, Very rare

A small metal sphere, roughly the size of a large orange. Has a switch on one side of it. When activated, the sphere will detonate on impact, exploding in a very bright, fiery burst 25 feet in diameter. Any creature within this explosion takes 99 points of fire damage. Unless they are immune/resistant to fire.

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