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More information...

Therionthropes are half-animal, half-humanoid creatures. They frequently have animal heads and human bodies. They are usually unique, being the results of a very unusual set of circumstances, or the result of organized cross-breeding. In most cases, they are incapable of producing offspring.

Creating a Therionthrope[edit]

Many therionthropes are considerably less human that those described here. More extreme therionthropse are described under their appropriate creature entry and are usually found under Monstrous Humanoid or Aberration.

Size and Type[edit]

Hit Dice[edit]


Armor Class[edit]


  • Horns or Antlers as a secondary weapon (1d6 damage, choose bludgeoning or piercing). May not wear helms.
  • Two claw attacks as a secondary weapons (1d4 slashing, medium). May not use claws while wearing hand gear. May also take the pounce ability.
  • Two hoof attacks as a secondary weapons (1d4 bludgeoning, medium).
  • Bite attack (tooth or beak) as a secondary attack (1d4 piercing).
  • Tail attack as a secondary weapon (1d6 slam). May learn multiattack. Must wear custom armor (x2 cost).

Full Attack[edit]

Special Attacks[edit]

Special Qualities[edit]


Therionthropes choose among one of the following abilities. They may later use a General Feat to acquire more of these abilities.

Therionthrope Abilities (Choose One, or Choose as a Feat)

The following abilities are only available at character creation. These abilities may be taken using a general feat or a fighter bonus feat.

  • Quadraped (size becomes large, must wear custom armor, move +20 feet, gain two secondary claw or hoof attacks, +2 LA)
  • Monstrous Humanoid type
  • Aberration type





Challenge Rating[edit]




Level Adjustment[edit]


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