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The taken Creatures from the Ascendant realm who seek to destroy the light and take everything.

Physical Description[edit]

Charred black body with an ethereal glow and single bright eye on center of face.

History Relentless and merciless the taken are a race of beings that were once other creatures from different aspects of life who were pulled into the ascendant realm to have there will destroyed and replaced with the will of the deep.

Society The Taken come from a corrupt realm and want nothing but to hunt and destroy all that is light.

Taken Names

Male: Oryx, The Taken king.

Malock, Pride of Oryx.

Ta'aun, Hand of Oryx

Baax, Hand of Oryx

Taken Traits

Abilities= Taken undergo a painful and monsterous transformation giving them supernatural power. Increase all ability scores by +2. This does not affect a score already at 20. Taken also do not need to sleep or eat. Simply killing sustains a single taken.

Age= Taken are indefinite and do not age. When a taken is slain it is pulled back into the Ascendant realm to be regenerated in 1d4 days.

Alignment= Taken are Chaotic Evil by there very nature but powerful creatures who become taken have a say so in what they want there alignment to be.

Size= Taken sizes are determined by the creatures original size before it was taken. Sizes range from Small to Gargantuan.

Speed= Your base walking speed is 60 feet. Taken tend to move in sporadic and unpredictable patterns such as warping and straifing to reach there target and avoid getting hit.

Eyes of the Ascendant= Taken can see and sense the light in everything. You have 120ft of True sight, Superior Darkvision and Devils Sight.

Warped Elements= Any element that was utilized by a creature before being taken is now the negative version of that element.

Match Game= Taken have elemental shields that cannot be broken effectively unless hit by the same element. Any Atk that does not match the shield element sufferers a -4 Atk against AC. Arc=lightning/ Solar=Fire/ Void=Necrotic.

A new "Knife"= Upon becoming taken A creature gains a new Ability known as a "Knife" to help aid them in battle. Choose 2 (If DM allows) otherwise choose 1 of the following Abilitys to cast at will.

Spitfire(80ft sphere)= As an action you lob 5 bolts of lingering flame onto 5 different 5ft tiles. Lingering flame consumes these tiles for 2 minutes and deal 2d10 fire damage anytime a creature enters, starts or ends its turn on the tile.

Split= As an Action you create a exact clone of yourself with all of your abilities. This clone has half your max hit points and cannot use your "Knife" ability. It is treated as a PC until it is killed or reset at dawn. When summoned in combat it takes your initiative roll(DM discretion).

Retaliation swarm= As a bonus action you can conjure up 3 void orbs that orbit you overhead. When hit by an attack the 3 orbs fly toward your attacker and do 3d6 per orb. DC 18 Dec save. Successful save takes half damage and a fail takes full.

Blast= As a reaction when being attacked and during opportunity of Atk against a creature moving away from your 5ft radius you conjure up a massive repelling blast that throws a creature away 30ft dealing 2d10 force dmg and knocks them prone. DC 18 Con save. Successful save is knocked only half distance, half damage and is not knocked prone. Failed save takes full distance, damage and is knocked prone.

Axion dart= As an action conjure up an Arc charged bolt of darkness that seeks a target of your choice. Hit is guaranteed as the bolt moves around all cover and homes in on target. Deals 3d6 Arc Dmg.

Languages= You speak through telepathy and can understand and be understood by any creature you interact with using your otherworldly abilities.

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