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This place looks like something out of a nightmare. It is a shop of infinite proportions, horizontally, and vertically. the shelves, floors, and stairs strech on forever up and down. Thousands of creatures from all over the multiverse walk around, looking at the shop's wares. The strange thing about this place is that YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ANY OF THE OBJECTS ARE! dead octopi in jars of gooey purple liquid, human skulls with candles in the eyes, floating orc hands with smoke spinning around them, and many other strange items. hmm... what should you get....

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: normal, it is just like a material plane store or mall.
  • Time: same as material plane.
  • Size: infinite! it goes on forever!
  • Morphic: slightly morphic, only the shop keepers can change things, and the things they change are only the wares.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: None
  • Energy Dominance: None
  • Alignment Trait: Neutral
  • Magic Trait: Normal

Plane Links[edit]

DC 20 spot check portals hidden all over the planes, but only a few per plane, and locations change every 2d4 days.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

Thousands of creatures of each race. Shopkeepers.

Movement and Combat[edit]

normal movement, and combat is strictly forbidden in the store.

Features of the Plane[edit]

Items from everywhere, all over. But you can't tell what they are or what they do...

Plane Encounters[edit]

Shoppers, shopkeepers.


Item rolls, roll 1d100 5 times, add each result to item. Each ability of the item is used as a standard action. only 3 abilities can be on the same object. roll again for each extra one you get, and do not add that one to the item. the DM can not tell players what it does. only what it looks, feels, smells, sounds, or tastes like. It can be multiple things, i.e. a blue skull in a jar. or a cube of solid blood that is partially made of glass. Remember: it may do nothing at all, but it has to be SOMETHING. roll again if it has no form.

100- skull

99- can be used as a torch

98- can be used to breathe underwater for up to 20 rounds

97- human hand

96- incorporeal

95- can be used as a dagger

94- in a jar of clearish black ooze

93- it's blue

92- it is used up after 1 usage

91- it menaces with spikes of lead (decorative only)

90- it can be used as a ladder

89- butterflies constantly stream out of it

88- eyeball

87- candle

86- staff

85- glasses

84- it is covered in swirling smoke

83- it smells like roses

82- it is partially made of glass

81- it is a cube of solid blood.

80- it feels like sandpaper

79- it smells like dead animals

78- it is a globe of flame

77- it is made of souls

76- it tastes like bitter apricots

75- it is a bottle

74- it is yellow

73- pentagrams cover its side

72- spiders appear in cracks along it's side

71- you can hear someone screaming if you put it to your ear

70- it glints in the sun

69- it glows green in the dark

68- it feels odd, and prickly

67- it is an aboleth tentacle

66- it is a large insect

65- it seeps blood

64- it smells of rotten wood

63- it is alive (not animated, i.e, an alive gem or other object would be covered in skin, and have an eye or two that looks at you.)

62- it has a pulse

61- it is dried meat

60- it is a coin

59- it is a slab of wood

58- it turns invisible for a split second every once in a while

57- it is a fish

56- it hovers

55- it is a brain

54- it unnerves you

53- it spews out gibberish

52- it is covered in odd writing

51- it is a book

50- it is a stone

49- it is a blunt sword

48- it is rusty (even if it is not metal)

47- it sparks

46- it makes pinging noises

45- it is a bear tooth

44- it is a vulture beak

43- it is a goat eye

42- it is in a flask of oil

41- it smells of ash

40- it can cast bolt of frost

39- it is a leg bone

38- it can turn into a shield

37- it glows when oozes are nearby

36- it smells of lime

35- it laughs uncontrollably

34- it bestows a random curse upon the holder

33- it can turn into an ox

32- it may run away from the character

31- it smells of brimstone

30- it can turn into a phial of water that never empties

29- it does 1d6 damage on contact with any living or undead creature

28- you can ask it simple questions and it will answer

27- it can cook simple foods

26- it can hold up to 500 gallons of any one liquid (must be filled first)

25- it is intelligent

24- it moves under it's own power

23- it can sense constructs within 100 feet

22- it makes loud noises when enemies are nearby

21- it smells of meat

20- it is a human foot

19- it is in a jar of foul-smelling purple water

18- it smells of urine

17- it can become a grappling hook

16- it is a globe

15- it is a sheet of paper

14- it is orange

13- it is made of metal

12- it is a small box

11- it is made of bone

10- it is a ring

9- it is a glove

8- it is a phial of sand

7- it is multicolored

6- it can be used to disarm an opponent, with no attacks of opportunity.

5- it has a large cut in it

4- it is covered in moss

3- it is covered in goo

2- it does not melt in magma

1- roll twice

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