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<-The Greater Jeff->[edit]

At a gathering to decide the fate of Jeff Carter's estate (which has been held in trust since his disappearance) the mysterious Swami Chandraputra, who wears curious mittens and enveloping robes, tells Carter's acquaintances of his ultimate fate. He explains that the key took Jeff to a type of higher dimension. There, Jeff, on an ill-defined mission (or out of sheer curiosity), travelled strange sections of the cosmos by first meeting with 'Umr at-Tawil, a dangerous being warned of in the Necronomicon, saying those who deal with it never return. 'Umr at-Tawil offers Jeff a chance to plunge deeper into the cosmos; Jeff thus perceives the true nature of the universe before passing through the "Ultimate Gate."

After passing through the Ultimate Gate, Jeff (now reduced to a disembodied facet of himself) encounters an Entity, implied to be Yog-Sothoth itself. This being explains that all conscious beings are facets of much greater beings, which exist outside the traditional model of three dimensions. Jeff himself is a facet of this particular being, the Supreme Archetype, The greater Jeff, made up of the greatest thinkers of the universe. The Entity, appearing to be proud of Jeff's accomplishments, offers to grant him a wish relating to the many facets of which it is a part. Jeff explains that he would love to know more about the facets of a particular long-extinct race on a distant planet, Yaddith, which is constantly threatened by the monstrous Dholes. He has been having persistent dreams about Yaddith in the last few months. The Supreme Archetype accomplishes this by transferring Jeff's consciousness into the body of one of his facets among that race, that of Zkauba the wizard, though not before warning Jeff to have memorized all his symbols and rites. Jeff arrogantly believes that the Silver Key alone will accomplish this claim, but it soon transpires Jeff's wish was a mistake; he cannot escape, and is trapped in Zkauba's body. The two beings find each other repugnant, but are now trapped in the same body, periodically changing dominance.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Religion

Tool Proficiencies: Stonemason Tools

Languages: Deep speech

Equipment: A set of Tattered Robes, Mark of the twisted one, Abberant Dagger, Fragment of the Black Stone.

Feature: Touch of the Otherwhere As a being touched by the pure cannot-be, you are able to bring forth geometric shapes that seem to warp the very fabric of reality staring at a carving produced with such geometries causes nausea, headaches and in particularly bad cases, insanity in those that observe them. Anyone that observes a carving produced with your "Warped Stonemason's Tools" must preform a wisdom check or fall over screaming "CANNOT BE CANNOT BE CANNOT BE!" for a turn or two.

Feature: Fragment of the Black Stone The Black stone when placed within 5 yards of a sleeping humanoid will consume the dreams of said humanoid and induces a deep sleep plagued with nightmares. Waking the person before the appropriate time is not wise as some may follow them back into the waking world... When a dream is stored it may be used as "Fuel" to transfer a magical enchantment from any item onto another provided it is not godly or holy in nature using the Abberant Dagger.

Trait: Otherworldly: Most people just straight up refuse to acknowledge your existence as looking at you appears to cause great mental duress to the unenlightened.

Flaw: When communicating sometimes I will swap my language to Deep Speech without realising it this iss's Ia Ia Cthulhu Ft'gan Ryle'h Dru'gh Nigh'ft Ctha'ngh

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