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Staff, Legendary (requires attunement)

This staff is black on one end and white on the other, tending towards gray near the middle. Both of these ends can be separated into 2 rods, the Yin Rod and the Yang Rod. Both sides, when a specific word is spoken in one of the standard languages (common, elvish, dwarvish, etc.) burst to life, the white end emitting light from a controlled sphere and the black sucking the light in from a chaotic flame. These sides cancel each other out in that regard. When you strike an opponent with this weapon, the white side deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage plus 1d4 radiant. The black side deals 1d4 piercing damage (As it cuts into the enemy's soul) plus 1d4 necrotic. The black side, upon the Abyssal word for burn, shoot this black fire at an enemy you point the end at dealing 1d8 fire damage and 1d8 necrotic damage. And the white side, when you speak the Celestial word for strike, the ball on the end becomes a beam that shoots out in any direction it is pointing. When it hits an enemy, that enemy takes 1d8 fire damage and 1d8 radiant damage. You can only use one of these attacks per turn and they all cost an action to complete.

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