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Weapon (Katana), artifact (Requires Attunement)

The Way of Nine is a single katana, attached to user however it see fit. The blade is forged from meteorite, with a hilt, and cross guard, of shaped dragon scale. The scabbard is cut from obsidian, polished to a dark shine and tipped with an etched silver cap. Crimson red fabric hangs from the end of hilt. The cloth measures about a foot long and two inches wide. The cloth folds itself out of the way into a two or three-inch segment when the blade is in it's scabbard. When the blade is drawn this piece of fabric will unfold, wrapping itself around the wielders hand, wrist, and lower forearm to prevent the wielder from being disarmed. When unattuned, the blade in wrapped tightly in a long black cloak with no hood. When attuned to, the cloak will unravel from the blade, moving across the body and tie itself around the user's neck. The cloak will always resize itself to fit the stature of the person attuning to the weapon, ending its length at mid-calf level. Furthermore if the sword, scabbard, or both are more than 5 feet away from the user for one minute, the object will fade into white smoke and reappear on the user.

Echoed Scar Upon performing a successful melee attack action, you may leave a phantom katana on the targets body. The total number of phantom katanas cannot exceed nine. This can be used a number of times equal to the table below per day, resetting uses at dawn. If the attack misses a use is not consumed. These phantom katanas can only be seen by you, a creature with true sight, or a creature that you willingly select. They will only disappear if the target dies, Mirrored Strike is used, the wielder dispels them, or the target stays further than 1 mile away from the wielder for 24 consecutive hours. The wielder is aware when one of the phantom katanas is lost in this way. The wielder also knows the general location of all phantom katanas within 100 feet.

Mirrored Strike Upon performing a successful melee attack action, if there is at least one phantom katana in an enemy within 120 feet of you, all katanas mirror the initial strike, dealing 2d8 slashing damage plus the damage of any spells that added damage to the initial strike (Ex: branding smite). This also triggers katanas that aren't lodged within the target of the initial melee strike. The damage from the katanas is also amplified if the melee attack critically strikes. The katanas will then fly from the target, embedding themselves in unoccupied ground within 15 feet of each target. The katanas will remain tangible for 5 rounds of combat or until combat ends. During this time an ally that the wielder wills may pick up and wield the katana as a bonus action. The damage of the picked-up katanas are the same as The Way of the Nine, though they have none of its abilities. After the 5 rounds the katanas immediately fade into a puff of white smoke.

Ring of Steel You plunge the sword into the ground, creating a circle of phantom katanas in the ground in a 5 foot radius around you. Phantom katanas created in this manner count towards your total of nine phantom katanas, but do not gain any of the 'tracking' bonuses they would normally have if created through Echoed Scar. Any creature that the wielder deems an enemy will trigger the trap, causing the katanas to fly from the ground, attempting to embed themselves in it. The wielder can choose how the katanas are distributed per target if there is more than one target. Each katana will deal 2d8 piercing damage. Each target caught in the trap must make a DC 18 Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save the target is impaled by all katanas targeting them. On a successful save the target dodges all katanas. Phantom katanas that are successfully impaled in the target will count towards your total, but those that miss will not. Katanas impaled in a target by this trap will gain the tracking bonus from Echoed Scar. This can be used a number of times per day equal to the table below.

Attuning While attuned to this weapon it is impossible to wield any weapon that isn't the katana itself, a dagger, dart, net, or other simple, improvised, or thrown weapon. When first attuned, the wielder’s non-dominant arm will quickly fade to white smoke. This causes no pain and will leave the wielder with their dominant arm. When unattuned with the weapon, the lost arm will return. Any attempt to restore the arm, other than unattuning from it, will fail be it magical or otherwise. Even wish will not return the lost arm while still attuned to the weapon.

The Way of Nine: Attuning with this weapon requires 16 Dexterity and 14 Strength.

Properties The Way of the Nine is a +3, finesse weapon, that deals 2d8 slashing damage. A creature attuned to The Way of the Nine can't be disarmed while conscious. It also holds up to 2 charges of the mirror image spell, which can be cast using only verbal components. All charges are restored after completing a long rest.

  • 1 minor beneficial property

Destroying the The Way of Nine. To destroy this sword it must be split by Gond(Or pantheon equivalent) on his anvil after being soaked in the river Styx for 72 hours.

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