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Von Whitts[edit]

Von Whitts are descendants from the Yixing in the Tian Xia continent.

Von Whitt History[edit]

The von Whitts line begins in the small village of Whitt approx -2499 AR as the Yixing, rulers of much of Tian Xia. Eventually the empire fell approx 2600 AR. Several of the branch families changed their names to many different things, while the direct line adopted the name Whitt. Which was intended to be a reflection of the family's intelligence, as well as an attempt to separate the family from their past. Over time the name spread to be one of the ten most common last names in Tian Xia.

Circa 3980 AR, scholar Chung Ho Wong tracked the direct line of the Yixing down to a merchant in the port city of Zetang, named Hu Whitt. Hu Whitt took great pride in this fact. While not wanting to disrespect his ancestors between the fall of Yixing up until him by changing his name once again, but still wanting to respect the noble aspect of his family, he changed the name to von Whitt, to better distinguish the line from the countless branches that came from them. The word von came from the foreign traders Hu dealt with meaning "of" or "from." The intention that this was a noble line that came from the Whitts. The eldest child would inherit von Whitt, while others would simply be Whitt.

Around two hundred years later, one of the more adventurous of the family named Hanzo von Whitt made the leap from Tian Xia to Merab, Thuvia in the inner seas region using teleportation magic.

Hanzo Von Whitt History[edit]

Born: 4184 While many of his family ignored the noble blood, and were more continent simply being traders, Hanzo went to college to learn magical theory, becoming a wizard. His application of arcane theory and figuring out how a wizard may cast spells from a distance lead him to a discovery that is rather rare in Tian Xai, teleportation magic. His focus and skill in Teleportation and Abjuration magic, along with his noble blood drew unwanted attention from Lady Nai Yan Fei, ruler of Goka, as well as many members of the Lung Wa Empire. The fact that a rare magic has popped back up, and the fact the direct descendant of the Yixing was able to use it to freely travel the continent with what seemed like no limit arose curiosity. After several attempts to kidnap him, all failing due to him just teleporting away, Hanzo used his spells he made it rather difficult for him to be found, and teleported himself to the inner seas region circa 4203 AR, where he could live more freely without the pressure and threats on his life that he felt back at his home land.

Eventually he fell in line with a group of adventurers in Thuvia, called The Order of the Lotus. It's members included: Ernoc the Strong, a half-orc barbarian whose strength was known throughout the land. One of his most known feats was throwing a bolder to destroy an enemy fort. Elen Roran, an elf archer, who could shoot the wing off a fly a half mile away. and Julia Kolin, a human cleric of Pharasma whose faith would be the downfall of the team.

The group spent years together, taking bounties and slaying any evil they found. The group became known as one of the mightiest forces in the land.

The most well known of the Order's adventures was killing Bolni, a rather powerful lich that killed thousands. From this Hanzo gained a rather powerful crystal ball he named the Eye of the Lotus, that made his teleportation much easier.

The group's last adventure was lead by Julia in 4210 AR, into the citadel of the alchemist. Her belief that Artokus Kirran's, the alchemist's, elixir went against Pharasma, as artificially lengthening one's life is the same as cheating the order of life and death, the same as undead. While it is unknown what exactly happened within the citadel, what is known is that Hanzo was the only member to leave, and was completely unharmed. Hanzo left Thuvia, settling in Daggermark. He has given into his heritage and become a merchant, leaving the life of adventure behind. It is said once that he was being mugged in the street a few years after the event. Bystanders say they saw him just continuing to walk as if he didn't even notice the mugger. The mugger attacked and in a bright flash nothing could be seen other than his body being torn apart, each piece of it being teleported a few inches away from one another. Every few years, 20 years or so, Hanzo suddenly appears to be a 20 year-old man again.

Some bards think that in the citadel Hanzo turned on his comrades in exchange for sun orchid elixir once every 20 years, and might have been enchanced or changed using Thuvian Wish Alchemy. Perhaps even replaced by a simulacrum made by Kirran. No one knows the truth.

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