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You have made a pact with an ancient and powerful Storm Giant

Expanded Spell List

The Typhon lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Table: Typhon Expanded Spells
Spell Level Spell
1st thunderwave, fog cloud
2nd gust of wind, levitate
3rd lightning bolt, wind wall
4th ice storm, control water
5th cloudkill, cone of cold
Electric Potential

Starting at the 1st level, before you make an attack roll, you may choose to attack with electric potential, when attacking with electric potential, melee weapons have double range. Your weapon deals an additional 1d6 plus your constitution modifier plus as lightning damage.


Starting at the 6th level, when you roll for initiative you choose a polarize bonus, Positive Charge or Negative Charge. As a bonus action you may touch a willing creature and have them match your polarization. As a bonus action you may switch your polarization. As a standard action you may attempt to polarize an unwilling creature to become opposite your charge by attempting to touch them by rolling an attack roll against them. A target hit with an electric potential attack is considered polarized opposite of you. Attacks made while polarized one way will have a disadvantage against attacks against a target polarized the same way, conversely an attack made against a target the opposite polarization as the attacker have an advantage. You may cast Shocking Grasp against a target the opposite charge as you, whether or not you have taken Shocking Grasp as a spell. Polarization wears off target after 1 min or they move more then 100 feet away from you.


Starting at the 10th level, you become resistant to Thunder and Lightning damage, also you appear to have gust of wind and clouds swirling about you. As a bonus action you may activate one of three Overcast abilities: Tornado, Thunderhead, or Fog Bank.

Choosing Tornado temporarily increases you AC by 2, increases your speed by an additional 5ft. gives you advantage on Dexterity rolls, and makes any ranged weapon attack have a disadvantage against you.

Choosing Thunderhead polarizes any target adjacent to you to the opposite polarity as you, or any target that starts it's turn adjacent to you. Whenever you deal lightning damage while under the effects of Thunderhead you deal an additional 1d8 thunder damage and may choose to polarize that target to the opposite charge as you.

Choosing Fog Bank creates a mystical Fog in a 15 ft cube centered on you, the area is obscured to all but you. You may touch a willing target and give them the effect of Fog Bank until the effect would end for you. Fog Bank cannot be blown away.

These effects last 1 min and can be cancelled by you as a bonus action. Once you use one of the Overcast abilities you cannot use another until you have a short rest. However you may expend a spell slot of at least the 3rd level to regain use of Overcast early. You can only be affected by one Overcast ability at a time.

Avatar of the Storm

Starting at the 14th level you may summon a Storm Giant, the Storm Giant is either your Patron, or just an ally/servant/follower of your Patron. The Storm Giant is summoned within 20ft of you in any space open enough for it to be summoned, if there is no space the ability fails. The Storm Giant is as a normal Storm Giant but always understands your speech and you always understand it's. The Storm Giant lasts 10 mins, or until brought to 0 hitpoints, at which point is disappears is a swirl of wind, returning to it's original location at full health. While the Storm Giant is summoned you and it gain the effects of one of your Overcast abilities, you may choose which one but it must be the same for both you and the Storm Giant. the Overcast ability lasts the full time the Storm Giant is summoned and doesn't take away from your usual allowance of Overcast Abilities. The Storm Giant always matches your Polarity. Either you or the DM controls the Storm Giant for the duration (DM's choice). You may not summon another Avatar of the Storm for 24 hours.

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