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The Twins of Peace: The Twins of Peace are a matched set of weapons, consisting of a short sword and a dagger. Each weapon is forged from the finest steel, and the hilts are swathed in black leather. The modest pommels of the weapons are engraved with the symbol of a relatively obscure southern deity known as the Peacebringer, and the blades are carved with runes that spell the beginning lines of prayers to that deity.

The Twins of Peace were forged during the twilight years of a halfling wizard named Jazen who became a paladin after an encounter with a priest of the Peacebringer led to his conversion. Renowned as a roving diplomat who would fight on the side with the greatest moral right if negotiations failed, Jazen eventually joined the clergy when he grew older. In his final years he grew increasingly disturbed over what he perceived as overly aggressive and violent tendencies even in clerics of his own faith. As one of his last deeds in this world, he created two magic blades bearing phrases from prayers engraved upon their blades so that the wielder would not lose sight of the will of the Peacebringer. His deity smiled upon this effort and the end result surprised even Jazen.

The larger weapon is a +2 holy short sword, the smaller a +2 defending spell storing dagger. If the same creature wields both weapons, the dagger can cast protection from evil on the wielder once per day.

The Twins of Peace also carry a mild curseā€”or, as many worshippers of the Peacebringer argue, a blessing. If the wielder strikes a creature in combat before he himself has been injured in that combat, the weapons fall inert for one hour, during which it possesses no magical abilities or bonuses at all.

Sword Twin of Peace: Caster Level: 7th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Holy Smite, creator must be good; Market Price: 32,310 gp; Cost to Create: 16,310 gp + 1,280 XP.

Dagger Twin of Peace: Caster Level: 12th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be at least 12th level, Protection From Evil, Shield/Shield of Faith; Market Price: 36,302 gp; Cost to Create: 18,302 gp + 1,440 XP.

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