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It is rumored that, high in the clouds that circle mountain tops, a mystical ranger flies with great leaps and bounds whenever it rains. His feet collide with the clouds, creating thundorus claps of sound. He was a guardian of whoever was dwelling under his clouds as they drifted along the sky. He would smite down his foes with an iron fist. You have heard this story, perhaps as a child, and chose to follow in his footsteps.

Thundering Magic[edit]

You learn an additional spells when you reach certain levels in this class. The spells count as ranger spells for you, but it doesn't count against the number of ranger spells you know.

Ranger Level Spells
1st Thunderwave, Thunderous Smite
5th Skywrite, Warding Wind
9th Gasoues Form, Thunder Step
13th Storm Sphere
17th Control Winds


Starting at level 3, you can choose to make an attack using the force of the thunder within you, making a thundering noise that can be heard up to 500ft away. The range the thunder can be heard from multiplies by 5 times the range of your attack, having advantage when within your effective range or making normal attack when at the weapons maximum range. If your attack choice doesn't deal piercing damage, the creature must make a Strength saving throw or be pushed 10 feet away from you and knocked prone. You can use this trait up to 2 times each long rest.

In addition, you can use Thunderous Smite with ranged attacks

You can cast the spell jump at will. When you cast jump you can choose to instead multiply your jump distance by 5, making a thunderous noise that can be heard up to 100ft away.

Thunderous mark[edit]

Starting at level 7, when you hit a creature with an attack, you can use your bonus action to mark it with your thunderous magic up to your next turn, and the creature receives 1d10 thunder damage, with this damage increasing to 2d10 at level 11 and 3d10 at level 15. The creature must make a Strength saving throw or be knocked prone, and when the creature receives any damage from non-spell attacks, the creature takes 2d6 thunder damage. This damage increases to 3d6 at level 11 and 4d6 at level 15. You can use this feature 3 times per long rest.

In addition, you can cast feather fall at will. When you cast feather fall you can choose to, instead of taking reduced damage, not to receive any fall damage, but the fall will create an amount of thunderous noise that can be heard in the same distance as the fall you took (ex.If you fall 100ft, you will create noise audible within 100ft. radius)

Innate thunder[edit]

Starting at level 11, you can cast jump and feather fall as a reaction.

When a creature uses its movement to enter or move within 5ft of the last creature that you have attacked, you can use your reaction to attack the creature, casting thunderclap, on a successful hit, against that creature.

Blows of Thunder[edit]

Starting at level 15, you can use the thunderous mark on all the creatures you dealt damage to this round.

In addition, you can use your action to summon 1 spectral dagger that floats in front of you, per creature that is within 50ft of you. You move your hands, launching a dagger to each creature's head, ignoring 1/2 and 3/4 cover as the daggers are intangible. When and if the daggers are inside the head of the target, they deal 1d4+3 thunder damage, making a loud noise that will resonate in the creatures head. The attack roll is a d20+dex/str mod + your proficiency bonus +3. You are considered proficient with this weapon. You can use this twice per day, regaining all expended uses at dawn.

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