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The Swarm Leader[edit]

Making a Swarm Leader[edit]

The Swarm leader is to command a brood evolve & adapt to the problems at hand. Leader Change keep evolving & destroy anything in your path but remember a leader has to use everything at hand to as a tool for your brood to survive in the hostel world. Plan carefully Build your brood.

The Swarm Leader

Alignment: Any

Starting Gold: 3d4x10 gp (75 gold pieces).

Casting Mod is Int

Table: The Swarm Leader

Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will Biomass Brood Control Energy
1st +0 +0 +0 +2 Biomass, Swarm Creation, Brood Control, Brood Hives 1000 20 150
2nd +1 +0 +0 +3 Essence Enchantment, Wild Mutation 1000 30 200
3rd +1 +1 +1 +3 Kinetic Blast 1000 40 250
4th +2 +1 +1 +4 Evasion 1000 50 300
5th +2 +1 +1 +4 Swarm Evolution 1250 60 350
6th +3 +2 +2 +5 Psionic Backlash, Infested Lifeforms 1250 70 400
7th +3 +2 +2 +5 Healing Mend 1250 80 450
8th +4 +2 +2 +6 Spin Sequences 1250 90 500
9th +4 +3 +3 +6 -- 1250 100 550
10th +5 +3 +3 +7 Psionic Storm 1500 110 600
11th +5 +3 +3 +7 Assimilation, Improved Evasion 1500 120 650
12th +6/+1 +4 +4 +8 Hive Dimension 1500 130 700
13th +6/+1 +4 +4 +8 -- 1500 140 750
14th +7/+2 +4 +4 +9 Infestation Spores 1500 150 800
15th +7/+2 +5 +5 +9 Razor Storm 1750 160 850
16th +8/+3 +5 +5 +10 -- 1750 170 900
17th +8/+3 +5 +5 +10 Mending Aura 1750 180 950
18th +9/+4 +6 +6 +11 Fury, Ability Efficiency 1750 190 1000
19th +9/+4 +6 +6 +11 I Am The Swarm 1750 200 1050
20th +10/+5 +6 +6 +12 Apocalypse 2000 Unlimited 1100

Class Skills (2 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Balance (Dex),Bluff (Cha),Climb (Str), Concentration (Con),Craft (Int),Diplomacy (Cha)Decipher Script (Int),Knowledge (Nature) (Int), Profession (Wis),Sense Motive (Wis),Spellcraft (Int).Spot (Wis),Survival (Wis),

Class Features[edit]

Armor: Can’t wear armor. Can evolve natural armor with biomass, with the cost of 200 biomass per 1 natural armor. Takes 2 hours to harden.

Psionic Energy Regeneration: is 10 per 12 seconds psionic energy.

Biomass: is given by 2 biomass per hitpoint from the enemies hit dice. Cap is on the chart above per level. Biomass does generate 10 per 6 seconds out of combat. Can eat her brood for biomass.

Swarm Creation: You gain the ability to create a swarm with biomass as there are 21 different type. All must be made from Larva. Gain Scent and Track.

                                                                        1st level Swarm Creation

Allow you create Larva, Drones, Zergling, Baneling and Queens Each one Counts as 1 to your Brood Control. They take 2 biomass per HD & 1d6 mins of Incubation.

Larva have no attack and can only live on creep unless they are broodmother Larva which can be off creep. Larva only have 8(1d8) life as it has DR 1/- (Tiny) dies off creep str 10, dex 26, con 10, int 8, wis 10, cha 4 / NA +0 /

Drones have a weak attack as it only a 1d8, drone are made to collect needed resources for the brood to survive. There claws are known to just though Adamantine as they can dig into mountain so make more room for the hive. Done life is 4 (1d8) (Small) str 10, dex 10, con 10, int 8, wis 10, cha 4 / NA +1

Zergling Are one of the Base Zerg that are warriors they hatch in pairs as 2 come from one egg, zergling are fast as there base land speed 30 is double, Zergling attack does 1d6, Zergling life is 8(2d8) (Small) str 13, dex 12, con 10, int 8, wis 10, cha 4 / NA +2

Baneling Are morph from zergling as they are suicide units that roll at great speed to blow up at enemies or they can do a simple bite attack. Baneling suicide damage depend on its hit dice as it deal 10 per dice it has. Baneling Bite does 1d4+str per hitdice it has. Baneling life is 12(3d8) (Small) str 10, dex 12, con 12, int 8, wis 10, cha 4 / NA +2

Queens Are able to produce more larva as they are able to heal unit that are injury, Queen have a life of 32 (4d8) as they have DR 5/ piercing . Queen has 2 attack Range Poison Spine that she shoot from 60 feet away dealing 2d8, Talons that have a to foot reach dealing Slashing and Piercing Damage 2d6+ str (medium) str 14, dex 12, con 11, int 15, wis 10, cha 10 / NA +4 Queen transfusion heals units of a 4d8 as it also cost 25 energy her Psionic Energy pool is only 100, can make creep tumors that spread creep 30 feet.

                                                                        4th level Swarm Creation

Allow you to create Roaches, Hydralisk, Lurkers they Count as 2 to your Brood Control. 4d4 hours of incubation.

Roaches have 40(5d8), DR 5/piercing, Roach have 2 attack Acid Spit as it range is 30 dealing 1d8 acid damage & Talons that Deal 2d8 Slashing, Roaches Burrow & move but only half its base movement speed as it gain fast heal 10 only while burrow. Roach & Infester only have tunneling claws. (Medium) str 12, dex 16, con 18, int 8, wis 10, cha 2 / NA +4

Hydralisk Are called the Zerg Perfect killer as they have a range of 60 shooting poison spines that deal 2d6 damage & poison has save it does 1d4 con (10 + hitdice + dex). Hydralisk have 48 (6d8) they have DR5/piercing, They are the only one with camouflage with the surround. Hydralisk can hardly be heard as there movement is silence, base movement 30 feet, Talon only do 1d4 Piercing & Slashing (Medium) str 12, dex 16, con 14, int 10, wis 10, cha 2 / NA +4

Lurkers Can only attack while burrow as it shoot a row of Subterranean Spines 30 feet in a straight line 5 feet wide. They can be attack only if they are detected by blindsight, tremor sense, or Ebon eyes. Subterranean Spines Deal 2d8 damage deal extra 3d6 sneak attack, Spine that shoot up from the ground sink back into the ground. Lurker are Morph from Hydralisk. Lurker life is 56 (7d8) movement 30ft DR10/piercing (Medium) str 12, dex 18, con 18, int 12, wis 10, cha 2 / NA +5

                                                                        8th level Swarm Creation 

Allows you to create Mutalisk, Corruptor, Infesters, Overseer Count as 2 to Brood Control. 2d6 hours of incubation.

Mutalisk Flying Zerg that can be on the ground to zerg but send most it life flying, There attack is bouncing Glaive wurm it deal (2d6) full damage to the first enemies then bounces to 2 more targets that are not farther than 30 feet apart. Mutalisk life is 80 (10d8) movement 30 feet (Medium) Rapid shot, point blank shot, str 10, dex 18, con 18, int 10, wis 10, cha 2 / NA +4

Corruptor Can only attack only flying enemies as it shoot Parasite Spores at the target allowing the corruptor deal more damage to it over time by 1d8 more overtime it damage each time it attacks first it only deal 1d8. Corruptor life is 112 (14d8) Movement 20 feet (Medium) str 10, dex 20, con 18, int 8, wis 10, cha 2 / NA +5

Infester are spell caster as there Psionic Energy is 200 can only cast fungal growth it reduce movement to 5 as it deal 8d4 damage as it last for 1d4 rounds cost 50 energy, Infester also have Tunneling claws but are the only one that have subterranean casting as it can use it spell while burrow. Only line of effect, Infest life is 64 (8d8) movement 30 (Size medium) str 10, dex 16, con 12, int 16, wis 14, cha 2 / NA +5

Swarm Host are siege what Spawn Creepers & Locusts. Spawning 1d8 Creepers & 1d12 Locusts takes one stander action. Spawning Creepers & Locust has a cool down of 1d6 grounds. Swarm Host can pit a pool of acid that 10 by 10 as it last for 3 rounds dealing 2d6 and keeps doubling damage the longer you stay in it. All Zerg from the same Brood are not affected by it. Locust deal the same damage as Zergling. Creeper Deal the same damage as Banelings. Swarm host can Burrow and move underground. Movement 30 (Size medium) str 10, dex 20, con 14, int 16, wis 14, cha 2 / NA +5

Overseer Flying but they cannot attack can see in the dark too sight range 60 feet can see burrowed & invisible enemies. 24 (3d8) 30 movement ft str 10, dex 18, con 14, int 16, wis 10, cha 2 / NA +3

                                                                        12th level Swarm Creation  

Allows you to create Ultralisk, BroodLords, Guardian, Devours count as 6 to your brood Control. 2d8 hours of incubation.

Ultralisk Is a ground unit that has a reach of 20 reach as it attack is splash damage 5ft all units within Ultralisk Deal 4d6 Slashing & Bludgeoning as its life is 120 (15d8) Movement 50 ft (Gargantuan) Special attack gain burrow charge cooldown 3d4 rounds charges through the ground and erupts from the ground knocking now all enemies in that 40 by 40 radus. DR 15/piercing str 26, dex 18, con 22, int 4, wis 18, cha 6 / NA +10

BroodLords Flying air unit that throws broodling which are like zergling that last only 2 rounds. Brooding toss range 80 ft, Impact damage is 3d8 force damage broodling attack are like zergling damage. 20 ft flying DR 10/piercing (Gargantuan) str 18, dex 26, con 22, int 18, wis 114, cha 8 / NA +6

Guardian Siege Flyer that attack from long range, attack range is 100 feet, Acid Spores deal 6d8 damage as it force and acid damage. Its life is 112 (15d8) speed 30 (Huge) 5ft around ¼ main damage str 18, dex 24, con 16, int 18, wis 10, cha 6 / NA +6

Devours Flying anti air units that attack from a close range of 25 feet as it shoot out a Corrosive Acid that deal 2d6 as the acid starts to leave mirco that slowly hardens after 5 attack unit that are with the spit harden and stop the unit from attack. Its life is 144 (18d8) Speed 70 (Huge) str 16, dex 24, con 24, int 18, wis 10, cha 6 / NA +8

                                                                        16th level Swarm Creation 

Allows you to Create Leviathans, Brutalisk, Brood Mothers, Cerebrate - Takes 2d10 hours of incubation

Leviathans Take 1000 Biomass. Also can be the home for many broods as it fly in the coldest climates. Its Life is 150 (20d8) it can attack flying enemies with Bile Swarm it shoot out 6 at a time that does 5d8+str flat for each one, also attack at the sametime as the four Tentacles it has has a reach of 40 feet as the damage they do is 3d6+str. Size of it Colossal and move of feet can be create by epic level str 50, dex 40, con 44, int 46, wis 40, cha 12 / NA +20

Brutalisk take 500 Biomass. Its life is 136 (17d8) It can’t be body block my other zerg beside Ultralisk as it leg lift it main body 10 feet off the ground as its has 2 attack, Brutalize is a melee ground only attack as it does 3d8 slashing and piercing damage reach range is 20 feet, Ferocious Spew is a range attack that deals 4d10 force & acid damage. Movement 50 feet (Gargantuan) rend str 26, dex 20, con 22, int 14, wis 18, cha 12 / NA +10

Broodmother & Cerebrate dont count to your brood control as they can control some of your brood for you doing what best for Brood and You as the Queen of Blade. They cost 500 Biomass to Create. Broodmother can control up too 100, while cerebrate can control 200 but can not attack or moved unless they are pick up by Brutalisks or Leviathans.

Broodmother & Cerebrate also have a Int & Wis of 20 can be increase and only a Cha of 20. They can speak to other race through Telepathy up to 100 feet.

Broodmother as 3 ways of attacking, Talon that deal the same damage as a Queen and Poison Spine damage as a Queen but gain Razor swarm and Psionic Storm have a Psionic Energy pool 800 gain. Transfusion now heals for 150 hp cost 50 energy still. There life is 100 (15d8) DR 15/-- (Medium)str 18, dex 16, con 18, int 20, wis 20, cha 20 / NA +5

Cerebrate are Large size and its life is 80 (10d8) can only be be hurt by psionic magic, is able to see invisible enemies in its sight range of 120 feet has a DR 20/-- (Large) str 18, dex 18, con 22, int 20, wis 20, cha 20 / NA +7

Hivemind: within 50 miles of their queen are in constant communication. If one is aware of a particular danger, they all are. If one in a group is not flat-footed, none of them are. No zerg in a group is considered flanked unless all of them are. They are also Immune to all mind affecting ability and spells.

Brood Control: Allow you to control amount of brood. Only communication to the brood is the hive mind only you can talk to them and give them order unless you allow Brood mother and Cerebrate as all communication can be heard by you.

Brood Hives: They are made from a Drones which gives up it life to make a makeshift home for the brood or permanent. Hive can destroy itself if the brood no longer needs it. As the Swarm Leader can rest in it too or need a place of healing as inside gives fast healing 5 but they cannot attack. If one entrance get block hive can make more for the brood as it a living construct. It has a hardness of 5 it hp depends on how many drones are used. Each drone gives it 10 hp. Hive spread Creep up to 30 feet from it as it takes round to full spread.

Wild Mutation: Any type of evolution, attack, action is switch to a swift action/free actions as movements is x3 for the duration of 1d4 rounds.As attack & damage is x2 & saves is x2.

Kinetic Blast: Psionic energy is focus on one target as it deal 1d6 untype damage gains 3d6 per 3 level, cost 50 psionic energy. Range 60 + 5 per level

Essence Enhancement: The Zerg & The Swarm Leader Evolve as they gain power. Swarm Leader only gets the Damage reduction. Brood Mother & Cerebrate Only gain the Int upgrade.

Enhances Zerg unit stats by +2 Str & Dex,+4 int Brood Mother & Cerebrate Only, +1 HP per hit dice. They take Extra fire damage by ¼ of the main +2 Naturel Armor, DR 5/fire

Improved Essence Enhancement unlock at level 8 Enhances Zerg unit stats by +4 Str & Dex,+6 int Brood Mother & Cerebrate Only, +2 HP per hit dice +4 NA, DR 10/fire

Empower Essence Enhancement unlock at level 12 Enhances Zerg unit stats by +6 Str & Dex +4,+8 int Brood Mother & Cerebrate Only, HP per hit dice + 6 NA, DR 15/fire

Ulta Essence Enhancement unlock at level 16 Enhances Zerg unit stats by +8 Str & Dex +4,+10 int Brood Mother & Cerebrate Only, HP per hit dice +8 NA, DR 20/fire

Mega Essence Enhancement unlock at level 20 Enhances Zerg unit stats by +10 Str & Dex,+12 int Brood Mother & Cerebrate Only, +5 HP per hit dice +10 NA, DR 25/fire

Swarm Evolution: Allow all Zerg evolve into deadly forms. At level 6 the Swarm Leader gain Improved Rapid Incubation brood incubation decreased by 100% when eggs are growing on Queen body. Let's all zerg unit to burrow into the ground not letting them move. Allow you to add HD per 25 biomass only at level 8. Plus 2 Ability point per HD Added at level 16.

                                                                        1 out of 4 (4th level unlock) 

Drones evolve into Twin Drones 2 hatch out of one egg

Zergling evolve into Raptorling which can climb up cliff and can twice it damage & Also auto jump at enemies of movement range without provoking.

Baneling evolve into Hunter Bane which allows them to jump at enemies up to 30 feet & Auto jump to high place that are within the movement speed of hight

Queen evolve into Swarm Queen which allow it to heal 8d8 Hp now cost 10 energy

Roach evolve into Vile Roach which allow them to deal extra 2d8 damage

Hydralisk evolve into Hunter Killers which make allow them gain automatch ambush 4d6 & hit dice is double Lurker evolve into Impators which allow them to attack from twice as far and shred Natural Armor reduce by 2 and Armor breaks completely.

                                                                        2 out of 4 (8th level unlock) 

Mutalisk evolve into Viperlisk which it wing become like pixie wing as it able to gain fast heal 10 out of combat and attack bounce up to 6 more targets. Last 3 only take ¼ of the main.

Corruptor evolve into Corpser Corruptor allow it to attack ground & air unit while flying 30 feet away

Infesters evolve into PrimalFester which allow it to burrow and use it abilities while underground as it also gain tremorsense while underground and blindsight up to 30 ft for both.

Swarm Host evolve into Carrion Host allowing them to gain rapid incubation which cuts incubation time by half. Swarm host egg sac force wing evolution on Creepers & locusts, evolving wing give them fly 40 feet. But this evolution cuts the Creeper & Locusts half hp.

Locusts strain also gain pressurized glands that allow them to to shoot 3 spines like the hydralisk damage. Bypass Damage reduction & ignore armor.

Creeper strain gain the Aerial Impact that allows them to automatically hit their target. Doing this does not do splash damage but also starts melting armor and natural armor by 4 each round for 6 rounds. Bypass all resistance & immunities.

Overseer evolve into Allseerer as it vision can see through everything and can't be blinded.

                                                                        3 out of 4 (12th level unlock) 

Ultralisk evolve into Torrasque, Keep raging 3 round + con mod, near death door can needs to be healed before rage ends to keep it alive. Torrasque Ultralisk upon its death it body form a cocoon which can be killed its main hp half for the cocoon life as its takes 2 round for it to rebirth.

Broodlord evolve and produce 4 broodling that still last the same 2 rounds

Guardian evolve gain range 40 feet and extra 2d8 it attack

Devourer evolve it attack splash damage everything in a 5 feet & able to attack ground

                                                                        4 out of 4 (16th level unlock)0 

Leviathans gain the ability to planeshift at will & allow it to fly in any environment

Brutalisk gain the ability to ignore terrain as it walk, swim & climb without penalties.

BroodMothers gain the ability to spawn units twice as fast for a time.

Cerebrate gain the ability to become greater invisible and can’t be sense by anything. Unless it psionic or another hivemind.

Psionic BackLash: ability to as her psionic power allows her to channel her psionic energy into her attack as it does 1d6 per level Cap 10d6 of untype damage. 60+20 per level ft range & stun the target for 1 round. No save & can’t stun the same target for 3 round with this attack. The attack doesnt need line of sight but just have to be a intelligent target. “Feel like a really bad migraine that leaves you dazy for a round as you feel mentally drain.”

Infested Lifeforms:you have the ability to infested life around you as it is a virus that why will need to make con saves (DC 10 +½ CL +plus casting mod) when you touch an living creatures or hit them with a spell. Infested have a if failed they are to mutate rapidly as their arms turn into carapace claws, tentacles with spikes out of their shoulders, mouths grow tentacles out as allows them to pull prey & hold as it feeds. Debuffs are half movement off creep or away from queen. Swarm leader can keep them under her control or let them have semi free will as she can influence them.

At level 14 can shoot out a bilemass ball that plants itself onto the nearest surface as it shoot out spore up to 60ft range aoe.

Healing Mend: Gain this at level 7, Swarm leader heals 8d8 herself and heals 4d8 to nearby allies gives them fast healing 10 for 1d4 rounds. Cost 200 energy, cooldown 1d4 rounds radius 20 ft allies.

At level 14 Swarm leader gives off a healing burst every 3 rounds

Assimilation: Swarm leader gain the ability to Assimilate enemies as she only gain 2 ability points only if the enemies have higher ability score then her as she rip off a chunk and eats it as it only stacks 5 times. Zerg units can steal the highest status but only gain one permanent point to Str Dex & Con can only stack 20 times.

Psionic Storm: Creates a 20 by 20 foot storm of psionic energy as it only deals 2d6+int mod per level (cap 20d6) hurts everyone in the area and last 1d4 cost 100 untype energy.This attack can be used with twin, widen, repeat each time add 25 to the Psionic cost. Ref save 10 + character level + Casting Mod for half. Range 40 + 10 per level

Hive Dimension: Queen of Blade can rip a portal to a empty world/ plane as she send her brood in there as it become there home till she need them it a full round action to do so. It take a full round action to use this ability

Evasion: Swarm leader gain Evasion at level 4. Gain Improve Evasion at 14

Razor Storm: Creates a 40 by 40 foot storm of psionic energy that bypass spell resistance as it only deals 1d8 per (30d8) level hurts everyone in the area and last 4d4 rounds cost 400 psionic energy, This attack can be used with twin, widen, repeat each time add 25 to the Psionic cost.

Spin Sequences: Allow the Queen of Blade to modify her body, broods or allies to adapt or mutate in order to adapt to the fights, weather or other conditions. Each modification cost 100 biomass & takes 2 rounds form.

Fury: Swarm leader attack become faster and faster allowing her to attack twice a round with her touch or melee attack once every 3 attacks.

Ability Efficiency: Reduce energy cost of ability by 50% and increase energy regeneration by 100% Instead of 10 energy regeneration it become 50 a round

I Am The Swarm: Swarm leader now can control a unlimited amount of broods

Apocalypse: She Focus a Ball of Psionic energy in a 5 by 5 foot ball as it take a full round action as it blows up next turn dealing 2d12 untype damage Per level (Cap 40d12). Radius of the attack spreading from the middle point is 40 feet. Range of this psionic attack is 25 + 5 range per level. Cost 600 Psionic energy. Cooldown is 1d4 hours.

Ex-Swarm Leaders[edit]


Epic Swarm Leader[edit]

Table: The Epic

Hit Die: d

Level Special
+ Int modifier skill points per level.



Bonus Feats: The epic gains a bonus feat (selected from the list of epic bonus feats) every levels after 20th.

Epic Bonus Feat List: .

Swarm Leader Starting Package[edit]

Weapons: .

Skill Selection: Pick a number of skills equal to 4 + Int modifier.

Skill Ranks Ability Armor

Feat: .

Bonus Feats: .

Gear: .

Gold: .

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Swarm Leader[edit]

Religion: While most Swarm Leaders aren't overtly religious, some might revere the Overmind. Usually, though, they don't bother with religion.

Other Classes: Cleric and paladin alike tend to dislike the corruption known as "creep", while nature deities' clerics and druids hate that said creep tends to kill plant-life it spreads to. Sometimes a Swarm Leader might temporarily ally with fighters, barbarians, and rogues for their combat abilities, or with arcane spellcasters for extra burst damage. Bards, well... bards are as expendable as zerglings, in the Swarm Leader's eyes.

Combat: Swarm Leaders are very adaptive in combat. They might stand back and let their swarm do the dirty work, but sometimes they get into the fray themselves & attack with attacks such as Kinetic Blast and Psionic BackLash. In a pinch they can use Healing Mend to heal themselves, their allies, and sometimes even their own Swarm.

Advancement: .

Swarm Leaders in the World[edit]

At this point, I'm pretty much the Queen Bitch of the Universe. And not all of your little soldiers or space ships will stand in my way again.
—Sarah Kerrigan, Human Swarm Leader to Admiral Gerard DuGalle

Swarm Leaders could be an epic boss to throw at the players, either directly or indirectly, via their units.

Daily Life: Swarm Leaders are often nomadic, spreading their zerg units' influence from plane to plane.

Notables: Sarah Kerrigan was a Terran (human) Ghost, until Admiral Mengsk abandoned her, allowing the Swarm to consume her and turn her into their Leader.

Organizations: Swarm Leaders seldom feel lonely, since they're controlling their.

NPC Reactions: Most people who have heard of Swarm Leaders would fear their strength. Usually, though, they remember how Kerrigan had torn through terran and protoss territory alike.

Swarm Leader Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (Xeno) can research Swarm Leaders to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

DC Result
5 A Swarm Leader, even if encountered alone, can be a dangerous opponent.
10 Swarm Leaders can use biomass, usually earned from defeating their enemies or recovering, to summon powerful monsters from biomass, though it'll take some time. They can also use their energy to dissuade invaders with powerful attacks.
15 Swarm Leaders will sometimes eat members of their own brood in a pinch, and/or improve pre-existing members with powerful abilities or just be stronger.
20 Particularly powerful Swarm Leaders will either leave behind Brood Mothers or Cerebrates to maintain control of chunks of their swarm. Sometimes they'll even make monstrous Brutalisks or flying Leviathans.

Swarm Leader in the Game[edit]

As previously stated, the Swarm Leader is a highly adaptive class. Be cautious when letting players take this class, since this can have the potential of reaching boss-level power.

Adaptation: Not all Swarm Leaders have to be humanoid. More often than not, they're zerg, but a couple humanoid Swarm Leaders had popped up.

Sample Encounter: Kerrigan is raiding yet another planet, and the party has to hold the line while the survivors evacuate. Or, something else similar to what happened in the games.

EL : .

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