The Rod of Balance (3.5e Equipment)

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The Rod of Balance is a key Artifact that not even the greatest deities know of its whereabouts. It controls the balance of the universe. For example for every bit of evil or chaos, there must be an equal amount of good or law, and vise versa. One would be a fool to try to destroy the Rod however if it is done then the balance is no longer held true, evil may rule, or all evil may be removed from the world.

The Rod is treated as a +6 Quarterstaff when used in combat. Any creature whom it hits who does not have the same alignment (both law-chaos and good-evil) as the wielder or is true neutral, must make a DC 30 fortitude save or die (as per the Slaying effect). However when the creature is killed by this effect a creature of the exact same alignment is instantly created on either the material plane or the plane of the creature's deity. If the creature did not have a deity then it is automatically created on the material plane.

Bardic Knowledge/ Knowledge Planes Checks

25 : The Rod is a very powerful object that is key in the universe's balance.

30 : The Rod is the only thing keeping good or evil from removing the other from existence

35 : Not even the great deities know where the rod is located

40 : Each of the 4 deities Pelor, Obad-Hai, Nerull, and Kord, have a small clue to the rod's whereabouts.

60 : In order to destroy the rod one must have both a red and gold dragon breathe on it at once and then have either wish or miracle cast with the intention of destroying the rod.

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