The Ring of Ultimate Privelage (5e Equipment)

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Ring, legendary (Upon first seeing this item, a DC 20 Wisdom will attune you to it.)

The ring is green, with a red glowing circle in the center. It has two silver dragons, coiled around each other, down the arms of the ring.

Of a DM's power The wearer, after rolling a DC 15 Wisdom to use it saving roll on a failure the game continues add normal until the next attempt, can use the ring to become an in-game DM until the end of your next turn, they can make any choice, with the proper DM's descretion. This lasts 1 turn and you do not have a bonus action. It can only be used once between long rests. The wearer can give the players advantage or disadvantage, which one it is, however, is dependent on a 1d4 odds or evens call.

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