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Ring, legendary (no)

Based off the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Wearing the ring provides you with invisibility excepting a small shadow. A creature must successfully complete a DC 20 perception check to see the wears Shadow. Ring is also Lawful Evil, if neutral or good alignment creature equips the ring, must pass a DC 18 Charisma Saving Throw or be corrupted by the ring, then every 7 days, if ring is still in creature's possession, at dawn must succeed the same save or be further corrupted.

-Though the ring has no intelligence to speak of, it has a desire to be reunited with it maker (can be Sauron or some other evil creature in your campaign) once reunited with its maker it make him almost impossible to destroy. Provided a +8 to all stats (skills AC Saves Etc). The ring will help with any evil venture its creature has in mind. When warn by the creator they also gain advantage to all magical effects or spells.

-However the Ring has two weakness, if ring can be destroy in the volcano it came from (Mount Doom or not) it will be destroyed and the maker is destroyed with it. Or the ring can be taken from the wear with a DC 20 Strength check giving the wear Disadvantages on all check for 1 minute. (in Progress)

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