The Problem Solver's Sailboat (3.5e Equipment)

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Some ships are fantastic things, enchanted to glide through earth as easily as water. This, is not that.

A hollowed out log lists badly on a set of unmatched wheels, not one of which is even close to the others' size. It is far from impressive, with its thick, chipped bark, and its name scrawled in uneven white lettering across what might be the stern, though could just as easily be the prow. Something that is either an old keg or a cannon leans off the starboard side. But of course, no sailboat is complete without its sail! Rustling in the wind, an old blanket hangs from what appears to be a shovel somehow wedged in the narrow canoe, its creaking moan adding to the glorious song of this rumbling war machine!

  • cost: the boat can only be found in dungeons, the level of which must be at least CR 30.

Special It floats? The Ship can glide across water and land with equal ease, taking no penalty to its speed, which is 15+the driver's strength score in squares.

Special Ramming Speed! The Sailboat can attack any creature directly in front of it, and no more than twice its speed away. It makes an attack roll with its speed against the target's reflex. If the attack hits, the target is knocked prone, and takes four times the ship's speed in damage.

Special Mechanized Cannon: Loading one cannonball into the keg produces an odd result: a hail of steel that fills the air! Fire 1d4+dex score cannon balls once per day, pelting an area of burst 4 with the above number of cannon balls each of which does 10 damage.

Special Cooler Full of Flounder

At the back of the boat is a cooler. From this you can draw an Enchanted Flounder once per day. This is no ordinary flounder, for it can be eaten, (though I really wouldn't recommend it), or used to solve your problems. Tell the Flounder your greatest problem, in as specific a manner as you want, for it will do as you ask, regardless of wording, knowing intent is more important by far than phrasing. The effect is akin to casting wish. It can also be used as a makeshift club. Slapping an opponent with the Flounder deals four times your strength score in damage, though the Flounder does in fact break.

If you reach into the cooler before a day has passed, you will find only an infinite chasm filled with very obese Tuna, which no shopowner wants, and no sane man would eat.

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