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The Lady[edit]

Greater Forgotten Deity

Greater Deity
Symbol: None
Home Plane: The Lady just Is
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Portfolio: Improbability and Luck
Clergy Alignments: The Lady does not keep clerics
Domains: Magic so old it's not magic any longer
Favored Weapon: None

The Lady is one of the old forgotten gods, which means she can alter her appearance at will, except for her eyes, which always have a slightly otherworldly feel to them, no matter what she makes them look like.

Her normal appearance is that of a woman dressed in a green dress embroidered with coins in mid flip and dice that are perpetually falling.


The Lady does not appriciate worship. She follows those who take risks, or, in the case of some people, those that entertain her. She will abandon anyone she feels is becoming reliant on her powers

Clergy and Temples[edit]


The Lady is far more flippant than her siblings and fellow lost gods. She loves all manners of chance games, and although she does not play rigged games (Unless she can rig them in her favor), she will take almost any honest bet laid before her, without any attempt to cheat. She will decline bets that are "presumptuous".

While she is probably older than all but the most elder of elder gods, she acts in the sister role for most of the Forgotten Pantheon.


The Lady was not born, unlike many gods of the Forgotten pantheon. She existed ever since the multiverse came into existence, although she did not become aware until the first life came into existence.

She became part of the lost pantheon almost immediately, as she does not naturally enjoy direct worship.

DM Notes[edit]

Several characters in my campaigns have passively worshiped the Lady, which means that they have caught her interest. She very rarely trifles in their affairs, but there have been a few incidents when she has intervened with a completely improbably deus ex machina.

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