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- The Krull, Earth's Edge[edit]

Krull is a large mountainous and wooded island at the Rim of the world. It has a mountain slightly overhanging the Edge of the planet. Due to this geographical advantage, many Krullians are astrozoologists, scientists who observe Great A'Tuin the world turtle and the four giant elephants. Krull is ruled by the Arch-Astronomer, has its own magical university and doesn't interact much with the other countries. The official language of Krull is the Krullian, although many of them seem to be able to talk common. Once, the people of Krull lowered a vessel on a rope over the Edge to observe Great A'Tuin, confirming the theory of its existence. Later, the archmage of Krull ordered Goldeneyes Silverhands Dactylos to construct a vessel, The Potent Voyager, that was launched rather than attached by a rope. This vessel got misappropriated by future generations, and no further advancement on astrozoology has been reported; but then, few people in other countries are interested in astrozoology in as much detail as the Krullians study it, so maybe there have been advances, they are just not reported on the main continents. The Krull is now abandoned for unknown reason and contains mythical treasures and artifacts. Due to the nature of its location it is almost impossible to approach the docks without guidance. It is said that nobody has managed to enter the country and steal its artifacts, but even if they could enter it they would share the same fate with the Krullians. At the top of the mountain there is a great vault with artifacts and items of invaluable price…. It is also said that the Vessel used to approach the great A’tuin is docked somewhere on Krull’s numerous ports and docks…. In reality the Krullians still exist but the government of Krull has decided to cut off connections with the other empires and spread rumors about their demise.

[ ae4296886872127b83d00b8c5b70274b.jpg ]


    • Red Triangle district, where the odds against a house catching fire are 538-to-1
  • Ankh-Morpork
    • Unseen University
    • Merchants Street
    • Crimson Leech
    • Deosil Gate
    • Pearl Dock
    • The Broken Drum (The Mended Drum)
    • Temple of Small Gods
    • Hub Gate
    • Arena
    • Whore Pits
    • Beggars' Guild
    • Brass Bridge (mentioned)
    • Temple of Seven-Handed Sek
    • Plaza of Broken Moons
    • River Gate
    • Leaning Tower
    • Rime Street
    • Frost Alley
    • Groaning Platter tavern
    • Short Street
    • Filigree Street
    • Widdershin Gate
  • Mount Awayawa
  • Bathys,
  • Brown Islands
  • Caderack Mountains
  • Chirm
  • Circle Sea
  • Counterweight Continent
  • Dunmanifestin
  • Chirm
  • Ecalpon , "no place" backwards
  • Gonim
  • Gorunna Trench
  • Great Nef
    • Dehydrated Ocean
  • Hades, another name for Hell
  • Howondaland
  • The Hub, spire of green ice 10 miles high
  • Klatch
  • Mithos , incredibly rare blue milk diamonds come from the clay basins there
  • Morpork Mountains
  • Orohai Peninsular
  • Palace of the Seven Deserts, built by Dactylos
  • Pseudopolis (mentioned), Death stalks the streets there, "rescuing" citizens from the White Plague
  • Rammerorck Mountains
  • Mount Raruaruaha
  • Rehigreed Province, where Vul Nuts are grown
  • Temple of Bel-Shamharoth
  • Trob
  • Turnwise Ocean (mentioned), separates Agatean Empire from Ankh-Morpork
  • Wyrmberg
  • Gamblers' Guild

Sentient Species[edit]

Supernatural Entities[edit]

  • The Creator
  • Demons
  • Imps


Things and concepts mentioned:

  • Ajandurah's Wand of Utter Negativity, a powerful wand wielded by Marchesa
  • Atavarr's Personal Gravitational Upset, a spell that makes people think they're sideways
  • Big Bang Hypothesis, theory of creation book
  • Black Oroogu, a language with no nouns and only one adjective (which is obscene)
  • High Borogravian, a language of Borogravia
  • Circumfence, a strong fence around the edge of a large part of Krull
  • Fresnel's Wonderful Concentrator, a spell used to create a lens that skims across water, powered by the hate of hydrophobes. On Krull, a Fresnel lens concentrates light.
  • Ghlen Livid, a drink made from the Vul Nut, which allows the drinker to see into the future
  • gnomes and pictsies(pixies), as having died out when Man came to Krull (though this clearly wrong as we can still meet gnomes )
  • Grey Miasma of H'rull, proverbially sticky substance
  • Infernal Combustion Enigma, a powerful spell, whose name parodies the phrase "internal combustion engine"
  • Octarine, the colour of magic, after which the book is titled
  • Octiron, metal that radiates magic, parodies uranium, but sounds like iron.
  • Octogen, gas that radiates magic, parodies radon, but sounds like oxygen.
  • Octarine Fairy Book, a book with pictures of dragons
  • Potent Voyager, the Krull's first? spaceship
  • Rimbow, 8-colored rainbow seen at the edge of the Disc
  • Sea grape, a kind of jellyfish
  • Steady Gait Hypothesis, theory of creation Book
  • Sumtri, an island and its language
  • Vanglemesht, a language


Main characters of Krull[edit]

  • Bel-Shamharoth aka "The Soul Eater", "The Sender of Eight"
  • Hrun, the Barbarian(Barbarian hero), aka Hrun of Chimeria
  • Liessa Wyrmbidder aka Lianna
  • the Luggage a magic item which has small dragon legs and can move on its own .
  • Rincewind
  • Twoflower

Minor characters[edit]

  • Arch-Astronomer of Krull, who kills Dactylos
  • Bravd the Hublander
  • Broadman, owner of the Broken Drum
  • Death
  • Disease, subordinate of Death (another name for Pestilence)
  • Lio!rt Dragonlord and Liartes Dragonlord, brothers
  • Druellae, a dryad
  • Famine
  • Fate
  • Garhartra, Guestmaster of Krull
  • Goldeneyes Silverhand Dactylos
  • Gorphal, student of the Agatean Empire, works for the Patrician
  • Greicha
  • Blind Hugh, a beggar
  • Blind Io A fortune teller
  • Kring (the magic sword)
  • K!sdra, a dragon rider
  • The Lady (Luck)
  • Laolith, Liessa's dragon
  • Loremaster of Wyrmberg, who, among other things, notes that "It is forbidden to fight on the Killing Ground"
  • Marchesa, a female wizard
  • Ninereeds, A dragon
  • The Patrician
  • Bronze Psepha, a dragon
  • Rerpf, representative of the Guild of Merchants and Traders (Merchants' Guild)
  • Tethis, an alien sea troll
  • Cripple Wa, a beggar
  • Stren Withel, Ankh-Morpork's second greatest thief
  • Ymor, Ankh-Morpork's greatest thief


  • Alohura, Goddess of Lightning on Trob
  • Archmandrite of B'Ituni, former owner of Kring
  • Archmage of Ymitury, robbed and killed by Bravd and Weasel
  • Captain Eightpanther, maker of rock-hard dwarf bread-like biscuits, Captain Eightpanther's Travellers' Digestives
  • Boy Emperor
  • Chance, a god
  • Codice of Chimeria, presumably (but not really) killed the last dragon (noble dragon)
  • Destiny, a god
  • Zlorf Flannelfoot, president of the Assassins' Guild
  • Fredor, possible owner of the Crimson Leech
  • Gorrin a Catfolk thief
  • Grinjo, an assassin
  • Kerible the Enchanter
  • Master Launchcontroller of Krull
  • Night, a god
  • Nine Turning Mirrors, Grand Vizier of the Agatean Empire
  • Ninereeds, A great Master who had many aprentices
  • Olden Ones, who bound magic to obey the Law of Conservation of Reality, possibly another name for the Old High Ones, to whom even the gods must answer
  • Pasha of Redurant, former owner of Kring (also known as Pasha of Re'durat)
  • Pitchiu, person whose tomb is protected by Dactylos' Metal Warriors
  • Reforgule of Krull, known for his theory that the planet revolves to distribute weight fairly on the four Giant elephants (World Elephant)
  • Scrofula, an ineffective demon
  • Sorca, group of people who built the Light Dams of Great Nef, as designed by Dactylos
  • Erig Stronginthearm
  • Terton, who also mans the Circumfence, is attacked by The Luggage, and escapes to the Great Nef
  • Urabewe, a nation of dark brown people
  • Urmond, an assassin
  • The Watch, who carefully refuse to intervene in a bar fight until everyone is either dead or has run away (in stark contrast to their later appearances)
  • Heric Whiteblade, barbarian hero
  • World Elephants, Berilia, Jerakeen, Tubul, Great T'Phon
  • Zchloty, a coin
  • Black Zenell
  • Zephyrus, god of light breezes
  • Cohen The Barbarian

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