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The Heart of All Sin This fist-sized black stone was once the heart of the ancient Ultraloth, Lucifer. Destroyed by a mortal hero, now only his heart remains. But in this small piece of the once-mighty fiend there is still great power to be had by those willing to risk their body and mind. The Heart of All Sin is a major artifact, and always radiates an aura of overwhelming Evil.

Once per week, by focusing on the Heart of All Sin for a full round, someone can absorb the dark power latent within the petrified heart. Dark clouds crackling with power swirl around the recipient as he absorbs some of the power of a fallen archfiend. This grants a number of benefits, but gives 1d4 points of corruption and 1d4 points of depravity, and this taint cannot be prevented in any way – even someone immune to taint is vulnerable to this intense evil (the recipient is aware of this drawback upon coming into contact with the stone). The following abilities are gained for 24 hours when using the Heart of All Sin. • When the power is gained, the recipient heals 150 hit points. • Strength +4 • Dexterity +4 • Constitution +4 • Charisma +4 • Deflection to Armor Class +6 • A climb speed equal to your base land speed • DR 10/good • SR 24 • Bite attack that deals 1d6 piercing damage and deals triple damage on a critical hit • Two claw attacks that deal 1d4 slashing damage and get a critical threat on a 19-20 • The ability to see through invisibility and in any darkness, even magical, out to 60 feet • You become an outsider • You can move on semisolid surfaces as though they were solid. • You can throw orbs of profane vilefire as an attack action, dealing 1d4 fire, 1d4 acid, and 1d4 profane damage with a ranged touch attack. • As a swift action, you can add 1d8 acid damage to all of your attacks for one round (half of which is vile damage) • Babau Slime at will (your skin just burns things you don’t want to touch it, you don’t get slimy) • Deeper Darkness on command • Hellfire Storm on command • Invisibility on command • Profane Wall of Fire on command Using the Heart of All Sin covers your body in jagged black tattoos and causes a dark red misty aura to radiate from you. These have no in-game effect other than changing you appearance. As a special use of the Heart of All Sin, it can be inserted into a corpse to replace the old heart. This grants a True Resurrection effect, except that a body is required, and the chest must be relatively intact (enough to insert the heart). This also permanently increases the person’s Constitution score by 4 points. Once this has happened, if the person is killed, the Heart of All Sin is as well. Nothing can remove the heart from a host and keep the power of the artifact intact. Alternatively, a character could simply plunge the Heart of All Sin into his own chest to ensure that others could never use it and that the heart would not outlive him. Every day a character has the Heart of All Sin inside of himself he must make a Fortitude save or gain 1 point of corruption and a Will save or gain 1 point of depravity (each is DC 15).

NOTE: Heroes of Horror, the Book of Vile Darkness, and the Spell Compendium are all necessary to fully utilize the Heart of All Sin.

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