The Hammer of Amon’Fehr (3.5e Equipment)

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The Hammer of Amon’Fehr: Recovered from the crypt of Amon’Fehr, this +1 adamantine disruption warhammer was once held by a great warrior. Fehr was a peasant among an enslaved people, a man cast into poverty by an oppressive government. After centuries of tyranny, his people began to fight back. They gathered in the thousands, a filthy mob of miscreants determined to win back their freedom. For years they fought against those in power, demanding to be set free of their bonds and allowed to thrive on their own. Their government answered their cries by sending a vast army to crush their hopes of freedom forever. But as the army lumbered forward, the huddled masses found that they were not men that approached, but a horde of undead warriors.

Hundreds died that day, the rest fled for their lives, hiding among the refuse of their impoverished city. As the undead horde hunted through the city streets for survivors, a small band of less than a hundred villagers gathered in the caves beneath the town. There they huddled in the dark and waited to die. Fehr was one the few who refused to surrender. He encouraged the others to resist failure and face down their adversaries. To survive, he told them, they must conquer their fear. As he spoke the words, his eyes fell upon a simple hammer layered in dust, leaning against a far corner of the cave. It was a sign from the gods, he believed; they were no longer alone.

Fehr led his people in an epic campaign to overthrow their oppressors. With the hammer he smote all who stood to oppose him, and forged a new future for his people on a path of shattered bones. At his burial, thousands gathered to honor him, granting him the title “Amon,” meaning “chosen by the gods,” and his great hammer was laid to rest along side him, his only companion through the valley of death.

Caster Level: 14th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, heal; Market Price: 27,012 gp; Cost to Create: 18,012 gp + 720 XP.

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