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The giver was a young boy, forced by an untimely demise to grow up quickly. He went by many names, and lived a very long time. After his second death, he was reversed to a physical age of 21 and took on his full role of Giver of Life, God of death and light. His name? Dalsethel Phobos. Millenia passed, and he met a young anthromal gazelle named Shay Prongslet. They began courting, and, after three years, got married and bonded in a way that bound their life force to each other, turning Shay immortal, becoming a lesser goddess of life and light. In time, they had two children, who became the twin demigods of death and nature. Thus, the pantheon of the Givers family reached its full roster. The pantheon includes many other lesser members, typically versions of Dalsethel born in universes not connected to ours by any reasonably accessible way, and their respective children/ family.

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