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The Fourth Wall is the end of the Multiverse, further even than the Far Realm or The Grays. The plane is nearly impossible to reach, and those who do leave only with aid from the one permanent inhabitant. The Fourth Wall is a geek's paradise and a nerd's utopia: To every conceivable direction, various d20 Books and Video Games line shelves, with stocked refrigerators of Mountain Dew, Red Bull, and Monster at nearly every location. The entire area smells like your grandmother's home-cooked meals, and you might even find some roasted chicken or fresh chocolate chip cookies.

Other areas of the Fourth Wall include, but are not limited to: rooms piled high with Manga, arsenals loaded with imitation weaponry and armor, various martial arts dojo, CD libraries, and living rooms with every video game system known to man.

The Fourth Wall is the home plane of none other than The Dungeon Master himself. From here, the Dungeon Master controls all aspects of the realities. After passing him, the characters come face-to-face with a portal of bright light. Those who enter the portal go beyond the Fourth Wall, entering our reality.

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Subjective Directional Gravity: The Dungeon Master can screw around with gravity as much as he wants. He determines which way is down, not you.
  • Erratic Time: The Dungeon Master chooses how much time passes on the material plane for any amount of time you remain at The Fourth Wall. He can even send you backwards in time.
  • Finite/Infinite Size: The Dungeon Master chooses how big The Fourth Wall is on a whim.
  • Divinely Morphic/Static: The Dungeon Master is capable of altering the Fourth Wall at will, but other creatures treat the plane as Static.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Subjective Elemental Dominance: The Dungeon Master can change the dominance of the Fourth Wall at will.
  • Subjective Energy Dominance: The Dungeon Master can change the energy dominance of The Fourth Wall at will.
  • No Alignment Trait: The Dungeon Master allows all alignments into his clergy; so does The Fourth Wall.
  • Subjective Magic: The Dungeon Master can control the magical flow of The Fourth Wall, or simply turn it off.

Plane Links[edit]

The only real way to enter the Fourth Wall is to break it. A character wishing to enter must make a Knowledge (The Planes) check (DC 20) to learn that he is in fact a part of a game, and the knowledge of this breaks reality to the point that he is transported directly to the Fourth Wall.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

The one permanent inhabitant of The Fourth Wall is the Dungeon Master. Aside from him, CR 0 creatures known as Players dwell on the plane, their numbers equal to the number of PC's in the party. A player looks exactly like the PC's player, and if a PC ever kills a player in the game, The Dungeon Master is obliged to punch the "real" player in the genitals (outside of the game), while at the same time, the player's PC is erased from the game. Attacking the Dungeon Master is a grave choice indeed...

Movement and Combat[edit]

Movement and Combat on The Fourth Wall is normally the same as on the Material Plane, but this can change easily if the Dungeon Master so wills it.

Features of the Plane[edit]

The Fourth Wall has everything a nerd could want: Every Video Game console and Video Game known to man, piles of comic books made in both America and Japan, delicious home-cooked meals that have a grandmother's touch, and mini-fridges packed with any beverage a hardcore gamer needs. It is also packed with shelf after shelf of d20 books and character sheets for other characters. If a character ever opens up a d20 book, he must make a Will Save (DC 11) or take 1d20 points of wisdom damage as the Fourth Wall is broken even further. If he picks up a Character Sheet, then the character described instantly appears and attacks.

Beyond the Fourth Wall: Characters who enter the Portal suddenly find themselves standing on a large table, once again encountering the Dungeon Master, as well as the Players, who are now larger than life. Everything around them is gigantic; even a normal chair is over sixty feet high. The only way off the table is by being carried off of it; the fall is so great that jumping off would almost surely kill.

Once the characters leave this area, a gigantic new world unfolds before them. Towering buildings of immense size, gigantic humans and animals, and an actually stable system of government across this enormous planet. It is absolute paradise... or is it?

Alternate Variances[edit]

See Beyond the Fourth Wall, above, and treat it as the whole plane.


There are no encounters on The Fourth Wall other than the Dungeon Master and The Players.

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