The False Chosen One (5e Background)

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The False Chosen One[edit]

They said you were the chosen one, The one to save everyone.... Then someone else did it before you. Now you're an afterthought in people's mind. A small footnote in the legend of the chosen one, a sadly forgotten nobody.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception and performance

Tool Proficiency: land vehicles, or, a toolkit of your choice

Languages: one of your choice

Equipment: a musical instrument of your choice, a broken symbol of the real chosen one, a message from the person (or people) who said you were the chosen one, a set of fine clothes, and 15 gold.

Feature: The almost savior[edit]

You were treated like a saint by those who thought you were chosen. Until they realized you were not. Some still believe you are the chosen one. Others prefer you to the other savior. Those who know of you before the true chosen one or those who remained loyal to your side of the story may assist you if you come across them. From an inn keep to an armory you may receive basic services for free or at an extreme discount. But be careful, not all who knew you believed you were the chosen one.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Make your charisma modifier your highest.


-Mumufox the Amazing

-Note from creator: Thank you for reading. I know it's small, but it would open up a lot of Roleplay options. Also, it's kinda funny to think about.

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