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The Eternal Dungeon is a lesser plane, created by shadowfell magic having gone wrong.


A number of Thayan wizards were dealing with a certain pesky problem. There was this band of do-gooders,known as adventurers, or better yet, the Heroes of the realm, known far and wide for their great deeds. The said adventurers had foiled a plot to create an army of undead, which would have wreaked havock upon many of the great cities which oppose the Thayans. The following is a manuscript from the journal of one of the Cultists,

“The time was almost here when we, the Thay could topple many of the fools that rule over so many oppressed people. It was a time when we could clense the material plane of that which was corrupt and unfair, but the so called Heroes of the realm came. The legends were more accurate than any of us could have imagined, the druid Kelemora, having powerful Fey magic, their faithful Cleric Noramir, having great divine magic, a half-elf ranger Russell, who’s marksmanship was unmatched even when he wast drunk, the Barbarian Lasamir, who had the fiery rage of a thousand soldiers, and their gnomish wizard Bob, with magic not only comparable, but greater than the Thay. They had heard of our expedition to conquer the great kingdom of Salon, and were sent by the kings advisor, Sir.Jhonson. They swiftly rode by horse to where Rusell the ranger tracked us down from the scent of our undead minions with us. I, amongst two others were the lone survivors of a massacre of fellow Thay. Out of dozens of fine wizards,we survived”

The Adventurers had killed three dozen Thay wizards in an encampment hidden by powerful illusion magic. They were satisfied that they had killed off many important figures of the Thay, and, beleiving their job was done, sent back out on horseback to the Kingdom of Salon. The two remaining Thay wizards, Varmon the vile, and Inquisitor Maligaro went to a hidden base, in a nearby cave where many Thay were dwindling. When word spread, the Thay were infuriated that just a few Adventurers could kill so many Thay with ease, and with carelessness of whom. That night, the Thay gathered around in a magical ritual, which they cast upon their cave and changed it so much that none of the wizards recognized the old cave. They had made a dungeon, a kind of labyrinth with more death than a simple hay maze. They made every detail of the Dungeon impeccable compared to the average sewer, or abandonded lair. They made the stone walls turn to bricks, to stone, wooden beams, and so forth. They placed traps, chests, monsters in cages, prison cells for a few tortured souls, and much worse. The Thay then cast a spell at the dawning of the morning, when every Adventurer woke up not in a tavernkeep, but in the Dungeon of the Thay. The Thay wizards were still in the cavern, and only in the very last room of the dungeon, which in itself was already hidden from view. The adventurers still had their weapons, as their wizard summoned them their armor and tools from a pocket dimension he had conjured up himself. The Adventurers had absolutely no idea as of how they got where they were, but when they realized the entrance was sealed shut with something heavier than the tavern they had been preciously sleeping in, they decided to dive headfirst into the strange place. Meanwhile, the Thayans were casting magic to keep the Adventurers from waking up, for in reality, they were still in the Tavern, but their Astral form had been forced into the dungeon, but with their soul also came their ability and power. The Adventurers first doged a trap, by accident, and then exterminated a leigon of skeletons, as well as a laughing skull, a dying lich that almost ate the souls of the Adventurers. Finally, after nearly a day they had reached the second to last room, which had a demonic circle, and with it an unstable Glyph that trapped a demon from entering the dungeon.

The wizard, not being familiar with what a Balor is, Channeled his magic to Dispel the weak Glyph. The Thayans meanwhile, had been chanting magical spells the entire time of the Adventurers stay, and as a result were almost depleted of their magic reserves completely. The Adventurers, through a rough battle slayed the Balor, and only their Cleric managed to avoid being knocked unconscious. The cleric spoke a healing word from his faith, and every one of his companions was invigorated by magic, restoring their health. The Thayans were alarmed at the fact that the Adventurers were not only survivng, but also would restore their depleted energy soon enough once more, and might kill the Thayans. The Thayans decided to act swiftly, and cast spells at the party. Only a few hit, and the party Alarmingly barged through the trapdoor, and engadged the Thayans. Their spell without concentration was breaking, and finally, during mid-combat, Inquisitor Maligaro decided to sacrafice himself and the others to imprison the Adventurers. With a spell that summoned a portal to other planes of existence, Maligaro sent the entire Dungeon into the Shadowfell, along with it the Adventurers, himself, and the other cultists. However, an arrow aimed true by Ruessell struck him in the eye the moment he cast it, as he stuutered on his words, turning the spell into a catastrophe. With his dying breadth, his soul was infused into the dungeon, as his physical form wilted away.

The Dungeon was then sent to a sub-plane of the Shadowfell, where the dungeon became alive, self-conscious, dangerous, more evil, vastly more powerful, and with additional magic. The Dungeon, referred to as the Eternal Dungeon is a both a being, and a place, casting magic to lure in lost souls, curious people, and the more you resembled an adventurer, the more likely you would find yourself lured by the Eternal Dungeon into itself. Every now and then, the Eternal Dungeon would make an entrance to itself via hidden portal, through area’s that only such Adventurers would encounter or pass through. The Eternal Dungeon is a lich that has no phylactery, but is bound to forever be tied to a magical dungeon. With the strange magic, comes the changes and warping of the Eternal Dungeon, and the change of it over the decades to come. The Eternal Dungeon tends to only appear every few years, though if paticularly interested in an Adventurer will persist in the material plane. The lore of Thay, as well as the history of the Eternal Dungeon is engraved in the first room that anyone comes by when going into the dungeon. Reffered to as the lore room, which is enchanted to scare anyone who enters it. In it, It is rarely the same looking type of room, but always has the following; the journal pages of the cultists last report, the skeletons of the original Adventurers with rusted armor, and much of the lore about the dungeon (typically fragmented, but found throughout the dungeon as well), and it always has the magical effect of implying doom. That nobody has ever escaped before, and that hope is useless. The very dungeon is alive, and it enjoys and feeds off of hopelessness, and fear. That is the very staple which has allowed it to survive for centuries. The dungeon has partial shape-shifting powers, and can augment itself endlessly, to make the dungeon endless, always having skeletons, always having a lore room, and always implying impending doom upon those whom have entered. Inside it however, the Dungeon does have an exit. A hidden one, but nonetheless an exit. After every 4 or 5 or so trials that a group or person faces, and defeats, there’s a puzzle room. The puzzle room has the strongest magic that the Eternal Dungeon offers, and is never the same puzzle.

Upon failing the puzzle, the Eternal Dungeon summons a Balor Demon, and only allows for a small chance of escape. Upon success, there will be two portals that appear, both seemingly identical in color, shape, size, etc. There will be a limerick (text) that reads “One portal leads the way to from whence you came, the other is not of that, but to the shadow plane”. One of the portals leads to the exact location from wherever the people(s) entered, and they come back to their location to find that for each survivor, there’s also a bag of loot awaiting them, the other leads to the Shadowfell. Sometimes you can tell which portal leads to which plane of existence, sometimes you can’t.


Name: The Eternal Dungeon Type: Sub-plane, between the material plane and the Shadowfell, that is also alive Description: The Eternal Dungeon is a Lich living inside of a Dungeon, and has their soul infused within it, as well as their magic. The Eternal Dungeon is alive, and malicious. An entrance appears every few years somewhere in the material plane, where someone is always lured into the Eternal Dungeon. The Eternal Dungeon itself has spellcasting (see below), and is self-aware and conscious. It shapes itself into diffrent Dungeon floors over time, repeating the process until the dungeon delvers die or figure out a puzzle.

Stats of the Eternal Dungeon

AC: N/A Speed: 30ft Initiative: Has +16 to initiative against anyone inside it, otherwise +8 Max hitpoints: 15000 Size: Uber colossal (up to 6000 by 6000ft)

CON: 30 INT: 18 WIS: 24 STR: 28 CHA: 20 DEX: 26

Abilities: Immunity to Fire, Force, Cold, Lightning, Thunder, Poison, Slashing, Peircing, Bluegoning, Radiant, Necrotic, phycic, and Acid damage.

Immunity to the conditions Stunned, Paralyzed, Poisoned, Grappled, Charmed, And Prone conditions.

Any god, demigod, Challenge 18+ monster, or level 18 player can ignore the damage immunities of the Eternal Dungeon. While damage immunities are being ignored, it has resistance to peircing, slashing, and bludgeoning damage, and vulnerability to radiant damage.

Plane of existence; Does not require food, sleep, or air to survive.

Ageless: Does not age

Plane shifting: Once every 1D4 years, the Eternal Dungeon re-appears in the material plane with an entrance to it, shifting part of itself to move into the material plane temporarily.

Spellcasting: Cantrips; Shield, blade ward, Resistance, mage hand (Up to 20 hands, all of which can be invisible), Protection from energy, Protection from poison, Produce flame, Plant growth, Mordenkainen’s private sanctum, Move earth, Minor illusion, Mirror image, Silent image, Mirage Arcane, Major image, message, Maze, Mage Armor, Fireball, Longstrider, Magic circle, Legend lore, Light, Knock, Illusory script, Hellish rebuke, Hunger of hadar, Hallucinatory Terrain, Hallow, Grease, Grasping vine, 9th level; Prismatic Wall

Endless labryinth: After going into the Eternal Dungeon, rooms previously that have been went through slowly dissapear, and become pure stuff of the essence of the Eternal Dungeon, which shape-shifts into more Dungeon rooms when a Dungeon Delver progresses.

Pocket Dimension: Can fit into any space that’s 30 by 30ft, and it’s actual physical size can be reduced to a 30 by 30 by 30ft cube, whereas the size inside of the Eternal Dungeon is still 6000ft by 6000ft.

Dungeon room D10 1 - A 25 by 25ft room with 2D4 + 2 mimics, and 4D4 + 6 chests filled with illusory gold that fades away into nothingness after 24 hours. The exit is through a hidden trapdoor inside of one of the chests.

2 - An abandoned minecart rail, with a minecart set beside it. The rails go through an abandoned mineshaft, with nothing but stone walls, and torchlights on the walls lit. While riding the minecart, there’ll be traps such as spring loaded darts (poisoned) and arrows (Dex save 15 or 2D4 slashing and 1D10 poison, roll Con save 17 or poisoned for 1 minute), stalagmites from the ceiling that you need to duck under or take 1D12 + 1 bludgeoning, and rusted rails (Roll a D20, on a 1 the minecart is de-railed and falls over, dealing 1D4 bludgeoning to anyone inside of it. A goblin ambush awaits at the very end, before the exit. 4D8 + 2 Goblins, and each one turns to dust uppon being killed.

3 - You see before you a long corridor, 30ft wide, and 240ft long. Every 5ft you pass, there’s two coffins on either side of the corridor. In each coffin is a skeleton holding a key, each skeleton has two glowing orbs in their eye sockets of either red, yello, purple, blue, or green, and the coffins are decorated with glowing symbols of destruction, death, plague, doom, and Ragnarok. There’s also 1D12 + 2 randomly placed Spike Pits within the corridor. At the end of the corridor is a stone door, edged with adamantine, and has a magical lock. The magical lock has a DC save 30 to pick, and anyone attempting to pick the lock has disadvantage if using non-magical tools. If someone fails to pick the lock, 1D8 + 2 Skeletons appear crawl out of their coffins, and weapons appear in their hands as they attack. In each coffin is a key, and each coffin has a 1 in 8 chance lf having the right key (D8), if it’s not the right key it fades to dust. When a player takes a key from a coffin, the skeleton in it, and 2D4 + 1 skeletons next to that coffin, all become animated and attack. There’s also a 25% chance (1D4) that in a spike pit is a key that fits the magical lock. When a skeleton is destroyed, it regenerates back in it’s coffin, and is not animated until futher notice. Upon obtaining a key that fits the lock, 8D8 + 4 skeletons crawl out of their coffins, and attack the players within the next turn. During combat, at the beginning of the skeletons turn (They have the same initiative), 6D6 + 6 more skeletons crawl out of their coffins and join combat next turn. The magical lock, when connected to the right key, will immediatly turn every skeleton to ashes, and the door will slowly phase out of existence, leaving an exit to the room.

4 - You enter a room made of carved stone, thats a 60 by 60ft area. Everyone rolls an Intelligence saving throw, or suffers minor madness, and cannot sleep for the next 24 hours, (DC 18). From the ceiling, there’s 13 nooses, and on each one is a hanged angel, each one of a diffrent good-alignment god. Their eye’s glow pure black, each one having a glowing red dot in the middle of their eye’s. There’s an altar to a mysterious god in the center of it, (Chuthulu). In the room, there’s no visible exit, exept that the altar to Chuthulu is a stone symbol Of Chuthulu, placed on top of a trapdoor (Perception check DC 21)/ (Investigation check DC 18).

5 - You enter a 45ft by 35ft room made of carved limestone, with eldritch spells engraved as runes on the walls, with gargoyles surrounding the room (A total of eight). Each floor tile has eldritch runes engraved onto the floor (5ft square = One floor tile), and each floor tile allows the creature to make an Arcana check DC 14 (as a bonus action), to figure out what the floor tile does. Each floor tile has a 1D20 scale of what happens when stepped on 1 - The spell “Jump” is now cast on you 2 - Grasping vine is cast upon you (Dex save 15) 3 - A loud meowing sound occurs 4 - 8 - A gargoyle becomes animated, and enters combat 9 - You defocate 10 - Constitution saving throw (DC 17) or become drunk for the next minute 11 - Dex save 16 or take 1D4 force damage and be thrown 5ft in any direction 12 - There’s a 50% that a 1st level spell “cure wounds” will be cast on you, or Eldritch blast shall be cast targeting you and the two others closest to you 13 - The spell “Command” is cast on you, with the word “Dance”. If you fail the saving throw, Music plays in the background, and you gain a D8 of Bardic Inspiration. 14 - You can only say “Peanut butter” for the next minute 15 - The spell “Light” is cast on any footwear you have 16-19 - Two gargoyles become animated and enter comabt 20 - The spell using a 1st level spell slot, “Fireball” is cast where you are standing At the end of the hallway is a door guarded by 6 skeletons that instantaneously spawn upon someone reaching that point, though the skeletons will not willingly walk on the floor with eldritch runes.

6 - You enter a gargantuan room, five times the size of an Ancient dragon, whereupon the cave ceiling has the skeleton of an Ancient red dragon infused within the cave, it’s ribcage surrounding the cave walls. The cave is a 600ft long, 530ft wide, 430ft tall room. At the end of the Dragon Skeleton is it’s Skull, 20ft tall, by 10ft wide, having a wide open maw as an entrance to the next room, although guarded by two Red Dragons, both are asleep. Inside of the cavern, it is a lair of both of the Red Dragons, and the floor is littered with gold, rubies, emeralds, silver swords, and a large hoard. The Red Dragons will wake after enough noise has been made, they are attacked, or enough of their gold has been stolen.

7 - You enter a labyrinth made of carved bones, the ceiling being 10ft high, and the walls made of purple luminescent glowing bones, from every creature imaginable. Inside the labyrinth is 3D4 + 2 Spike pits, 1D8 + 1 poison dart traps (see page 123 of Dungeon Master’s guide), and has a Skeletal Minotaur. Navigation roll (DC 20) to find the exit. You gain advantage on the roll if using string to trace your steps. The labyrinth is 1,200 by 1,200 ft large, and is circular. The Minotaur has advantage on Navigation rolls to find the players, and will respawn one hour after death, at the exit. There is also 3D4 + 1 piles of 3D6 + 4 GP laying around, and next to each one is a skeletal corpse, and upon taking the gold, the Skeletal Minotaur Teleports to be within 60ft of them, if the Skeletal Minotaur was killed earlier, it instead is instantly respawned.

8 - You enter a large cave room, where there’s about a 10ft high ceiling, it’s 50ft wide, and 20ft long, with a large body of water 45ft wide and 15ft long. Through the body of water is a large tunnel going downwards. The cave lake goes about 40ft deep, and has multiple crevices underwater, most of which have air pockets. There’s 2D8 + 2 Lizardfolk that will attack thr players within sight. The players will encounter them while the lizardfolk are asleep, but upon attacking one of them, they all wake up instantaneously, and enter combat. At the very bottom of the underwater cave is a hidden entrance, a trapdoor, underneath a big rock, (Perception Check DC 18 to spot). The amount of air is the room is very limited, and will run out in 30 minutes. Wisdom check DC 16 to know this. Upon going through the trapdoor, the spell “Destroy/Create water”, is cast an amount of times in order to destroy all the water in the cave.

9 - You enter what looks to be a forgotten mineshaft, with 5 different railways, and 2D8 + 1 rusty minecarts on the nearby surface. It is a 30ft by 20ft area, looking to have been carved out by pickaxes, and the only tunnels are ones with minecart tracks. Upon going down one of the minecart tracks, there’s an ambush of 4D6 + 4 Goblins, each having 1D4 SP, and 1D8 GP. At the end of each minecart track is an entrance to the next dungeon Room.

10 - Inside a 45 by 60 feet room, (10ft tall), It’s a very fine room, with marble walls, and 12 chandaliers, all with lit candles, inside the room is a 30ft long dining table, and with it 14 ghosts are dining at the table, eating cooked human flesh, with rosemary and garlic, as well as a side of one apple per person (The Apples are posioned, Con save 16 if ingested or poisoned for 1D4 + 1 Hours, and 2D4 poison damage), and a platinum goblet for each ghost, worth 5 PP per goblet, each filled with sour wine that tastes of rotten fish. The ghosts have an additional 2D4 + 3 (5) Maximum hitpoints each, and can cast “Necrotic Touch” as a cantrip. Upon noticing that the food they’re eating is human flesh, (Perception Roll 13), The ghosts attack the players. Underneath the table are three trapdoors. Each one leads to a seperate room.

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