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The Dark Master[edit]

The Dark Master is a patron of the Warlock Class The Dark Master visits only specific warlocks that have potential to summon the darkness and use it as a type of armor or protection against unworthy mortals, wanting to go against the Dark Master's work. The Master comes forth and demands the price of his vessel's full servitude in exchange for his defensive capabilities.

Extra Spells

Starting at 2nd level, The Dark Master grants his vessel a touch of his vast knowledge. You may use the spells Shield and Absorb Elements as cantrips, but only on yourself or other evil alignments in your party.

Skeletal Armor

Starting at 5th level, The Dark Master grants his vessel a taste of his power. You may, once per long rest, summon the skeletal form of the Dark Master. To do this, you take 1d4 damage times your current level. This newfound armor gives you +3 AC and lasts for 1 hour.

Evil Blast

Starting at 8th level, The Dark Master grants his vessel an enhancement. You may, twice per long rest, enhance your eldritch blast and turn it into an evil blast. The evil blast requires a Constitution save and deals an extra 3d6 necrotic damage upon a failed save, 6d6 on a successful save.

Horned Helm

Starting at 11th level, the Dark Master grants his vessel his vision. While wearing your skeletal armor, you have darkvision for 60 ft and truesight for 60 ft. However, to summoning your armor will now damage you 2d4 times your current level.

Dark-Clad Arsenal

Starting at 17th level, the Dark Master grants his vessel a portion of his skills. You gain proficiency with scimitars as one appears in your hand. It deals an extra 2d10 necrotic damage upon hit.

Ravaged Wings

Starting at 20th level, the Dark Master grants his vessel his flight. You may use the Necrotic Shroud action used by Fallen Aasimar ONLY while wearing your Skeletal Armor. You gain 60 ft flying speed. Your armor now gives you +5 AC and lasts for 90 minutes. However, summoning it will now damage you 1d6 times your level. You gain resistance to poison, acid, and are immune to necrotic damage, but are vulnerable to thunder and lightning damage. Repeat as necessary!

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