The Continent of Xopala (5e Sourcebook)

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Welcome to the continent known as Xopala!

The content in this sourcebook uses the rules for 5e D&D


Xopala is a continent in the world of D&D that holds many wonders for a party of adventurers to discover. There are dungeons, monsters, towns, and people that a party can explore, battle, and meet along the way. There are mysteries to be discovered, and an adventure that players can go through.


The landscape of Xopala consists of thick, lush forests and mountains scattered in between. There are areas that have been cleared out to make towns in the woods, and sunlit clearings where kulps, which are small furry creatures native to Xopala, often make their homes.


Throughout Xopala, there live many varieties of creatures. Some of these are small and friendly, such as the kulps mentioned earlier, while others can be vicious monsters that will attack anything in sight, such as the liogs that live in dark caves.

Chapter 1: Races

Introduction to Races

The cities on Xopala have varying diversities of races that inhabit them. One city could be open to almost any race, while another could be built with only one race in mind.

List of Races

Chapter 2: Classes

Introduction to Classes

Classes determine the main abilities of your character. Classes determine your character's stats and proficiencies, along with what spells they can cast, or whether or not they can even cast spells.

List of Classes

Chapter 3: Backgrounds

Introduction to Backgrounds

Backgrounds are the basic backstory of your character. They determine certain features your character has, and certain proficincies based on your character's past experiences.

List of Backgrounds

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