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The Area[edit]

The Coast of Arra is a large area of land and water bordered by three kingdoms.

-The Shining Kingdom of Benneth, a land of good intentions, but not without a dash of evil, ruled by The Righteous Paladin King Wolf of Ivar, rules the northern areas of the Coast.

-The Coloured Gates, a metropolis where everyone is welcomed, no matter their race or religion, ruled by a council of champions of the races, covers the southern regions.

-The Kingdoms of Mesh, split into two separate cities, led by the Lich brothers, Venci and Mercio, cover the smaller eastern and western areas of the land.

Wolf of Ivar is a kind ruler, but break his laws or endanger his people, and he will bring the wrath and judgement of Pelor down upon those unfortunate few. The Kingdom does trade with both Mesh and the Gates, however with Mesh's war mongering nature, communications and trade have been very tentative between the two nations. The Gate's are one of Benneth's best trading partners, as they share the same values as Benneth, though Wolf is not as lenient in letting just anyone through his gates. The kingdom is made of three main cities: Highsun, home of the Grand Tyr Cathedral and inhabited by King Wolf and his family.

The Coloured Gates is ruled by a council that votes on decisions for the kingdom and the surrounding lands. The council is made up of champions from the various main races within the city. There are eleven champions on the council since the immigration of the Firbolgs from the Runeclaw mountains. The major races and their champions include:

1) Humans, Tyberal Umberhill.

2) Moon Elves, Yserus Nightrunner.

3) High Elves, Rwen Sunseeker.

4) Dwarves, Igor Ironfist.

5) Firbolgs, Wynter, Son of Ysgromar.

6) Dragonborn, Grenfallinox the White.

7) Gnomes, Hubert Mudcaller.

8) Halflings, Xander.

9) Tieflings, Xytren Firespeaker.

10) Shifters, Greth Wildone.

11) Half-orcs, "The Bloodied One".

All are fair in their rulings of the kingdom, as they work together to strengthen the community as a whole instead of for each individual race. There is a higher power as well in the Gates to keep the council and city in line, and that is Tyronnotrannex, the gold dragon. Tyronnotrannex was the one to found the kingdom, and decided that the land needed a place for everyone to feel at home, and so will open his gates to any and all visitors, so long as their intentions are peaceful.

The Kingdoms of Mesh is constantly at war with anyone they deem is worthy of culling, and adventurers are usually asked to fight for their cause when they reach the cities. Venci and Mercio are not to be taken lightly as both are powerful liches with a considerable repertoire of spells and abilities. They constantly fight with each other, but if the need arises, they will defend each other with their lives, like normal brothers.





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