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Fighter Stand up my avatar! Arise the Prince of your sanctuary the Blaster! Imagine it... standing on your home plane and ruling it's military power! Your soul is your strength, along with your mighty Burst Buster! Welcome to your new life on the planet Cray!

Level 3 is when you first get your new upgrade. You then choose what clan you belong to: Royals or Shadows.This gives you armor and a weapon that corresponds to the clan (White for royal, black for shadow) this armor set appears the moment you first use Ride! (The weapon is a two handed sword with standard damage and the armor follows a pattern of 2s in AC with each ride.

Ride Grade 2! - at grade 2 you unlock your full power weapon wise. This is unleashed at level 5. This turns you into either form of the Blaster. This gives you proficiency in swords and slightly heavier armor.

Pinpoint Burst- At level 7, you unlock the ability to strike down your foes with a burst of energy from your sword. It is 60 feet wide and 10 feet long. It deals an opponent 3d10's in force damage. It will require a short rest between uses.

Grade 3 Ride! - At level 13 you unlock the power to become an true avatar of your clan nicknamed either Alfred Early or The Dark Dictator. This gives you armor that is heavier and a new sword. The sword does a little extra damage compared to the original sword as in a proficiency bonus of 1 extra point.

Exculpate/Diablo- this is the final step in your transformations. You ascend to grade four and get to be able to use the Pinpoint Burst as many times as you like up to three times. Unlocked at level 17.

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