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The mercenary traditions in Merika have a long and varied history. Over the years many mercenary companies dealt with their employers and their opponents in an honorable fashion and many others engaged in unsavory acts that marked them as little more than bandits flying a company flag.

Several years ago, while beset by a reputation garnered by acts not his own, a company leader by the name of Garr Dorsun convened an impromptu meeting amongst some of his more honorable and well known peers in an attempt at self regulation. Some months later they had forged the Allied Mercenary's Registry and Accord, or simply "the Accord".

Currently the Accord acts to regulate the behavior of its members and encourage honorable warfare. Yearly dues are required to remain a member of the Accord, and a charter acts as an endorsement for prospective employers. In addition the Accord provides for networking for specialists, and passes work onto its members. Legal council is provided by the accord when disputes arise with employers, and banking services ensure payment is rendered promptly and made available to it's members. In addition, charters issued by the Accord denote an individual as being legally able to posses some otherwise restricted military weapons and armaments.

Two charters are available to prospective members, a company charter and a specialist's charter. A company charter is intended for an actual fighting force fielded during times of war. A company charter costs 2500g to for initial purchase, and carries a yearly due of 1000g + 1 gold per head (most companies take the individual dues from their men's wages).

A specialist's charter is intended for a small band of highly skilled individuals that act as agents for an employer during or outside of wartime. The charter costs 1000g + 100g per head and carries a yearly due of 25% of the same. Specialists are allowed to circumvent some rules of the Accord in the pursuit of missions, but may not identify themselves as members of the Accord when acting outside it's bylaws.

A brief explanation of some of the Accord's bylaws follow:

Members of the Accord...

  • ...must accept a lawfully given surrender during official operations. If the company is in a position where they are unable to accept prisoners they may strip those captured of belongings and must set them loose with a days rations. During covert operations specialists may refuse surrender, but cannot identify themselves as members of the accord or fly company colors.
  • ...may not accept a contract that conflicts with their current contract or for thirty days after the completion of said contract.
  • ...must conduct fair warfare. Specifically they may not engage in the poisoning of wells, instigation of plague, or desecration (or animation) of enemy corpses.
  • ...may not engage in plunder or pillage, though they may demand up to 1/5th of conquered people's arms and foodstuffs during (and only during) an active military campaign.
  • ...may not make war on an unarmed populace. When fighting against a civilian uprising they are allowed to use only necessary force to quell rebellion. Against untrained civilian militia they are to offer surrender before initiating conflict.

Members who violate the bylaws can expect to be dealt with by agents of the Accord. Punishments for disparaging the name of the Accord vary from fines, to cancellation of the company charter, to imprisonment and then turning the offending parties over to the nation or groups wronged.

Base of Operations: The Accord is based out of Blackston, but has offices in New Austin, Shining Mountain, Ostlo, Bastion, Lost Vegas, and Portswich.

Notable Members[edit]

Dunner Grunwell (Male Human Fighter 3 / Expert 5): Dunner is the office manager of the Accord's holdings in New Austin. He's a savvy aging mercenary who's got a head for numbers and a knack for handling the sometimes violent and always rough and tumble individuals attracted to the mercenary's calling.

Garr Dorsun (Male Human Fighter 18): General Dorsun is the founder of the accord and still the head of the council that overseas the direction of the organization. The other members of the council are Canderon (Male Human Rogue 2 / Fighter 11), Murdesh (Male Human Ranger 14), Daega (Female Blighter Rogue 16), and Kurgon (Male Pale Wizard 16).

Garr is the moral compass of the organization, and the powerful personality that keeps this disparate group together. If he falls Daega and Kurgon are likely to tear the organization apart as they jockey for control of it.

Enemies of the Organization[edit]

Elissa Brasstalon (Female Norm Blighter Fighter 19): The mercenary leader known as Brasstalon was once a member of the Accord, however she broke the organizations rules on plunder, pillage, and the treatment of an unarmed populace during the Cadian Border Dispute of 996 ct. Unfortunately for the Accord, she is also probably the most powerful independent mercenary leader in central Merika. No one has thus far been willing to commit the resources necessary to bring her before the council to face judgment.

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