The "Don't touch me!" Warlock (5e Optimized Character Build)

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The "Don't touch me!" warlock

== This is a class build that I found quite fun to play and i hope that you enjoy. For race i would probably go for a charisma race such as aasimar and tieflings and i often go for a dragonborn. Now this is going to be a build with no multiclassing so all we will be putting levels into is Warlock. Start off as a Great Old One warlock for this; this is because of the create thrall feature and awakened mind is very good for communicating with your little minions. now you can choose any cantrips but certain spells are a must have. These include: charm person, crown of madness, enthrall, hold person, invisibility, suggestion, fear, dominate beast, dominate person, hold monster, create undead, finger of death and imprisonment. another must-have is pact of the chain. The chosen invocations are: chains of carceri, minions of chaos, gift of the ever-living ones, repelling blast, lance of lethargy, agonizing blast, Armour of shadows and sculptor of flesh. With this build you can make an entire army of flesh shields to soak up damage while you spam eldritch blasts and on a side note, probably use imps and quasits (imps being a personal favorite) for your familiar and devils tongue tieflings are very good for this. ==

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