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== Thanatos ==


Thanatos is the Incarnation of death, he brings peace to those who die and are in a balance of good and evil.

There is only ever one Thanatos, and he who was born as Thanatos.

Creating the Incarnation of Death[edit]

Thanatos is an acquired template that is added on to any one creature.

Size and Type[edit]

Size remains the same, while type changes to Outsider. Do not recalculate hit dice, saves, or attack bonus. Thanatos gains large, black, shiny feathery wings.

Hit Dice[edit]

Hit dice goes up a dice size.


Speed increases to 100ft and flight 120ft (perfect).

Armor Class[edit]

AC increases to +1 each level.


The creature retains the ability to wield any weapons but gains a +2 to damage and aiming.

Full Attack[edit]

Usually unchanged.

Special Attacks[edit]

Death Touch(Ex): The touch of the Incarnation of Death is very lethal to those marked for death. The Death touch is a touch attack which may have one of three effects, the effect is up to Thanatos. The first effect is to slay the target: the target must make a Fortitude save DC (20+ Thanatos Hit dice) or take 100d12 points of damage over 10 rounds, if they succeed they instead suffer 1d12 points per Thanatos hit dice of damage. The second effect is to subdue his target: the target must make a Fortitude save DC (same as before) or else take 100d12 points of sub-duel damage over 10 rounds, success is only 1d8 points per Thanatos hit dice of damage. The third allows Thanatos to get from place to place: Thanatos may touch a door and it will unlock and then open slowly. If the door is magically sealed a spell caster check is required from both Thanatos (effective spell caster level equal to hit dice) and the mage who cast the spell, the door opening same as before if Thanatos wins. Finally, if there is no detectable entrance for Thanatos to enter the place in question, twice per day Thanatos may touch the wall and move right through it as if it were not there. Nothing can keep out or protect you form the Incarnation of Death for long.

Death Gaze(Ex): Thanatos' glare can cause even the strongest of will to quiver in fear, as very few fear death. As a swift action, if Thanatos can make eye contact with his intended target, he can attempt to make it overwhelm with fear. the target must make a Will save DC (30+ Thanatos Hit Dice) or acts if Cowering, other wise he is panicked. The Death Gaze can effect as many people as Thanatos can look eyes with.

Special Qualities[edit]

Tongues(Ex): Thanatos is constantly under the Tongues spell effect.

Incarnation of Death: As the incarnation of death, Thanatos is immune to all death effects, save death itself.


+4 to all Ability scores.


Intimidate +10, Bluff +10: A skull face is both frightening and hard to read.


Gains a bonus 2 feats.


Thanatos can appear anywhere where there is someone dying.


The Incarnations of Day, Death Mansion

Challenge Rating[edit]



The Death Cloak, The Death Scythe, the Death Slippers, the Death Steed, and the Earring of Translation.




By Character Class

Level Adjustment[edit]


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