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Campaign Setting: Worlds Collide
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Nine Worlds
Nine worlds in Material Plane, overlapped and shattered by the Worlds Collide incident.
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Alignment. Neutral
Domains. Death
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Thanasia is one of the five goddesses of Neutrala. She represents the ultimate and inevitable fate that awaits all living beings.

Thanasia is not so much as worshipped or even believed as acknowledged in Neutrala. Anyone who has spent a week in any town in Neutrala can recall a story concerning Thanasia: When a person meets their end, they will find themself sitting by a tea-table, with Thanasia sitting right in fron of them. Thanasia will greet the deceased, regardless of their past lives, and offers a nice cup of tea. The deceased will have a cozy tea-time with the goddess of death herself, and then...

The story deviates greatly from here, depending on the speaker. Some says that Thanasia will guide the dead to the afterlife herself; others tell a story of the dead person's soul dissipates as the tea drinks back within them; there is this rather cryptic oral tradition involving the correlation between soul and tea and the metaphor of circulation.

Thanasia stands out in the pantheon of Neutrala in many ways. She is the only lesser goddess, while the other four are greater goddess; she is always addressed by her name, rather than her title; she is the only goddess whose domain includes Death, and only Death; and she is the only goddess who does not have her own churches, temples, or even cults.

The only known active worshipper of Thanasia is Taskaldron, also known as the Talkative Undead, the Skull with Half A Mouth, or For Goodness Sake Please Stop Talking I'll Do Anything Please. Taskaldron refers themself as "Thanasia's best friend", and even claims that Thanasia and they often enjoy a nice cup of tea, but since they are half a skull with questionable state of mind, their claims seldom convince others.

After the Worlds Collide incidents, adventurers and travellers from other worlds have discovered more than one ancient relic that depict the lesser deity of death from their respective homelands. Scholars and minstrels have spent a numerous amount of time speculating and wondering how relics from nine different worlds had the uncannily similar description on the deity of death. Some even speculates - conspires that Thanasia is actually an overgoddess, a goddess with greater power than the four other goddesses, who once ruled all nine worlds with her power over death. Since there is no official temple to validate this, and the closest thing to an expert's opinion is "Look, Thanasia's just a friend of mine, y'got me?", the riddle of the century continues to baffle many mortal souls of the nine worlds.

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