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Teoryran Orcs[edit]


Family and social relations are very important to the very conformist orc who evolved from tightly knit tribal ancestor races that where organised around extended families of hunter killers and their slaves. They have preserved many traits of a barbarian hunter warrior culture and adapted it to an advanced urbanized civilisation. Orcs are impulsive and aggressive but direct and control socially unacceptable feelings and use into the socially acceptable through a collectivist honour culture that satisfy their pride and enforce self control and self extermination.

orcs expect wisdom (and intelligence) to come with age and are more tolerant about about, their young adults intellectual faculties than humans but the majority of the orcs that are important in the Shogunate are very intelligent, the stupid remain as peasant or part of similar worc forces. Ok Wisdom, awareness of social norms, practicality and religion and orc intelligence, mathematical, logical, categorical powers are same thing the same for orcs. orcs balance their emotional and rational sides and consider them one. Restraint, and control over impulses are achieved through both experience, the emotions themselves and self-discipline. Instincts and intelligence are both part of the same hole, orc civilisation coexists with nature and orcs respect and adore nature. orcs are both emotional and emotionless in many ways, switching between one and the other quickly. orcs accept all suffering to themselves and others as natural and try their best to achieve the most good but basically accept “pain as their right”, this makes the orcs less motivated to change a bad situation and very prone to suicide for many reasons.

Because of their animistic belief, orcs are very technical and very good craftsmen. Crafts are considered an extension of respect for the natural order. Because orcs are not adapt at expressing and communicating their feelings orc to orc, orc creates extreme and waterproof rules for etiquette that basically makes it impossible for any creature to use persuasion, deception or present provoking or self control-testing comments. They are prone to have disagreeable attitudes by default and are suspicious, and stubborn. Because they find it hard to control their aggressive and impulsive reaction to anything they despise anything that could stimulate negative feelings. orcs crave serenity and orderly environment, where there are absolute rules for all social behaviour that do not require any skill in persuasion or expression. Silent or direct in short discussions. orcs are stoic and do not have any empathy in the human sense, though they are still very social beings. orcs are plain, Spartan, reserved and totally submissive to the rules of their culture. This makes appear arrogant, distant, rude and aggressive to all other species.

Physical Description[edit]

orcs are large and extremely muscular humanoids, raging between 4 and 8 feet high and can be as extremely thin as 2 feet and as fat as 9 feet depending on how you divide height and length. long arms with slightly curved and bent forearm that is longer than the upper arm.

“Form” Their torso is thicker, shoulders are broad and big. Muscles around shoulders, upper torso and the neck are protruding and form a extra support for limbs and heads. The shoulders-breast plate have a more round form at all directions. A huge skull thin at the sides, and thick faced and thick back of the head all armoured with skeleton and hide. The thick neck is extended by massive muscles from shoulder to ear. Protruding forehead and skeletal armed eyebrows. the legs are massive and slightly bent. The females are much more human looking.

“Skin” The orcs skins form a networc of round protruding round segments, similar to ellipses or circles. These bulks mark places where the orcs are sunburn, where bones protrude because muscles are thin. As such orcs often have multiple skin colours, at least one of the protruding sections, and another of the surrounding tissue between the segments. Common colours are red, green, brown, black, white, yellow or even golden. Very obese orcs have much less segments and a less protruding skeleton Thin or skinny orcs have more segments but also less protruding muscles.

“Face” orcs are born with at least one facial scar from the womb. Their ears are The eyes are round deep and safe inside helmet looking eyeholes. The nooses are two flat holes with no tip like those of an ape. Eyes have thick eyelid in a small and diagonal form. Just as humans, males have protruding and more square features and females much more soft and round features. Males having one singular line of teeth is as common as any other number of shark like lines with teeth’s. orcs can have either omnivore or herbivore teeth. Only all Males have tusk or sabres curved upside and down. Two pairs of tusk/or sabres are placed in the upper cheeks and at the sides lower jaw. Females always have sharp small teeth and smooth jaws.

Eyes: The eyes have complex patterns Common colours are red, green, brown, black, white, yellow or even golden

The orcs genesis say the orcs progenitor boasted to create a perfect race and he was deformed by an accident in his smithy in the after world. Afterwards the God and his lover the Sun took the newborn orcs whom where blackened by the pollution of the netherworld. They washed them in a pure spring until all dirt fell away and only the orcs form remained. Though muscular and clever orcs where not created perfect because they all inherited their makers scarred and deformed exterior. The Sun was so offended by their bodies, she burned their skin and made their eyes weak so they would not dare to show themselves to mother Sun.


orcs usually burned on stake in Korad and Mazekeen as soulless monsters. orcs stoic obedience, harshness makes them to be misunderstood as rude, brutish, cruel and arrogant and emotionally distant. Humans and lizards do not understand them thus they cannot possible have a civilisation. Other races are afraid of their language. The fact that orcs do not “their language” proof that the orcs do not have a language and are capable of civilisation. orc perceive the rare human contacts as deceptive and incapable of holding their word because humans do not understand the belief in absolute universal order that orc race takes for granted. Humans are repelled by the orcs use of raged weapons and medicines and the orcs are repelled by humans technophobia. The orcs use a monetary system which is a sin to humans so the humans often slaughter orc villages, kill their children and wives to take the orcs recourses that orcs have achieved “through evil ways“. The Lizardmen are even bigger technophobes than the humans and in addition the lizards eats their own offspring and sacrifice all races, the Lizardmens idea of natural order is incompatible with the orcs so no other race accepts them as a civilisation.

orcs answers to often send expeditions to exterminate and depopulate barbarian (human and lizard men) colonies which adds to their undeserved reputations.

The orcs does not come from Aeryran so other races often accuse them of invading and destroying Aeryran which is a lie. Most other Teoryran races fear and hate the orcs and the orcs consider all western races to be “western devils.”


All Orcs are slightly violent and have strong but often hidden and enduring feelings. Okrs control their rage through sense of honour, stoicism and counter balancing feelings of responsibility to family and state. As opposed to the minimal compassion of humanity, the race have a harsh stoic attitude toward their own and others suffering. For the orcs honour is a measure of morally justified pride, the approval of society, the approval of themselves, their willing obedience and the individuals purity and absence from any sort of failure or disgrace. The list can be made long, but the orcs rejects systematic formulations of ethics, instead reasoning that an ethical person always acts ethically and any systematic codes are disgraceful. The ethics of the orc is very elitist, authorities are supposed to be perfect and the social elite is capable of understanding morality while normal orcs are incapable of moral thoughts. The idea of individual morality is alien, ethics are seen as an extension of the world and society. Nothing is evil because all horror and injustice is happening so orcs can endure them. orcs do not question if the Gods wants you to be born poor fell to sudden illness. The race have a strong sense of obligation toward their extended families after evolving from a dead race of tribal brutes, and even have tendency to willingly conform to what they believe are the ways of gods, society and nature. orcs usually try to use their aggression constructively or try to overcompensate when they are in a good mood.

orcs are not Good nor Evil and do not they fit in the balance of the two poles. Instead they are either spiritually pure or impure. Those orcs that fails to live up to these standards are considered impure, tainted or stupid. while those orcs that sufficiently do live up to these values are considered enlightened. Purity is not a personal morality, if one is impure all his family and friends are equally tainted and must be killed unless they purify themselves.

Chaotic Purity and Lawful Order[edit]

Compared to humans, orcs have a very different definitions of Individuality and Collectivism that correspond to with how they actually are.

“Lawful alignment ( see Alignment about purity and impurity) “ Law are seen as slightly chaotic but is also seen bureaucracy because it violets the natural order with unifying and mixing to many elements. The chaos and lack of order is the cause of tyranny and rigidity. Lack of flexibility is seen as a lack of perfection. Civilisation is flawed because it represents the limited enlightenment of mortal orcs.

“Neutral Alignments.” Balance, are seen are perfect order that spans unities the social order with natural order. Perfect order and law is changing and dynamic because everything has a purpose and a place. This society is considered to be based on cosmic laws that exists independently of sentient mortals who are but mere receivers of such insights.

“Chaotic alignments.” Are seen as obedience to tolerant leaders, cosmic principles and bad influences. Freedom and individualism is only possible by obeying some other lord and through liberally interpreting servitude your serve yourself through others. Rebellion is the obedience to a leader that wants to overthrow the current order, and crime is loyalty to an anti-society, the society of outcasts.


The orc comes from a forgotten one of the many isles that surround Aeryran and Teoryran. They immigrated to this world long ago from other planets and planes. The orcs home is now, and have been for recorded history the isle of the Red Shogunate, which gods sold to them as a ransom. orcs lean towards building towns on half isles and plateau. They are home in all sorts of isles, mountains, and forests. The Red Shogunate’s main isle expands past multiple deserts, plateaus, half isles and heavenly elevated highlands. There are several minor isles and major isles leading to eastern Teoryran and the way to the west is not very difficult. The orcs consider the Teoryran to be the Middle Centre of the World, and they despise the continent for being associated with the centaurs. They call their Toeryran coast lands Iraz., the Iraz Orcs are part of the Red Shogunate. Their half-isle lands are called Braz where they usually favour highlands and mountains to Birazs valleys.


Teoryran Orcs first worshipped their ancestors but they are often animistic atheist but if they worship anything they usually worship the deformed Smith God, Kushuk. If they don't do that they worship Shogunates Heavenly Mandate or the ancestors. In additon they may pay nominal homage to their clan ancestors and the shrine gods without belonging to any religion.


Court orc, Common Orc, Teoryran, Shogunate Rayish


Japanese Names.

Racial Traits[edit]

Table: orc Noble Level Adjustment

Hit Die: d6D

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Total Ability Bonus Template Feat Spell like ability
Fort Ref Will
1st 0 0 0 0 + 2 constitution and strength or dexterity template I bonus feat Dark Vision(EX).
2nd 1 0 0 0 +2 constitution and strength or dexterity ;+2 intelligence; +2 wisdom template II Scent(Ex)
3rd 1 0 0 0 +2 constitution and strength or dexterity ;+2 intelligence; +2 wisdom; 2+charisma bonus feat weapon proficiency
4rth 2 1 0 0 +4 constitution and strength or dexterity ;+2 intelligence; +2 wisdom template 3rd light sensitivity
5th 2 1 1 1 +4 constitution and strength or dexterity ;+4 intelligence; +4 wisdom bonus feat bonus feat
6th 3 1 1 1 +6 constitution and strength or dexterity ;+4 intelligence; +4 wisdom; 4+charisma template 4th
7th 3 2 1 1 +6 constitution and strength or dexterity ;+6 intelligence; +6 wisdom bonus feat weapon proficiency
8th 4 2 1 1 +8 constitution and strength or dexterity ;+6 intelligence; +6 wisdom template 5th
9th 4 3 2 2 +8 constitution and strength or dexterity ;+8 intelligence; +8 wisdom; 6+charisma bonus feat
10th 5 3 2 2 +10 constitution and strength or dexterity ;+8 intelligence; +8 wisdom template 6th Intimidation

Class Skills ( 2+ Int modifier per level, ×1 at 1st level)
{Spot, listen, Jump, Climb Tumble, Craft, Persuade, Negotiate, Bluff, Gather Information, Track, Survival, Knowledge}

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