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Tempests are creatures made of magic and storms. Touching them is not advisable,
—-Book of Short Descriptions, on Tempests.

Physical Description[edit]

A tempest looks like a bundle of storm clouds in a somewhat vague humanoid shape. Lightning flicks through their body, sometimes striking and blackening the ground beneath their feet. Their only real physical feature are two balls of electricity that hover where a human's eyes would be. These seem to act as a tempest's eyes. However, trying to touch a tempest reveals a mysterious force that repels contact and seems to act as skin. Tempest are aware of contact if something touches this force and display pain if this force is struck. Despite not having bones or blood, the force can be damaged in the form of injury. Such "injuries" pour out water, much like rainwater from a storm. It seems that parts of a tempest can be severed by completely seperating two parts of the strange force. Tempests do seem to respond to medical treatment like humans, just with everything being a little wetter.


The first tempest was accidentally created by a mage that meant no harm. The mage used his magic to attempt to dispel a thunderstorm that could have killed him and his allies. The storm did vanish, however, a number of the creatures that were later known as tempests appeared. According to legend, the mage straight up revealed what happen to the tempests. The tempests went their own ways and have since wondered the earth, favoring areas with thunderstorms.


Tempests normally do not live in an area for more than a few months, but they prefer to travel in groups. Despite the fact that their non-tempest allies usually get an uncomfortable, though harmless, shock when touching them, tempests are great at working with others. This is attributed to the fact that one storm formed a number of tempests. Tempests cannot reproduce, however, during a strong lightning storm, two tempests can cause some of the storm to form more tempests. This ability may be the result of the magic that formed them.

Tempest Names[edit]

Tempests do not have genders and often pick any kind of name. They favor names involving storms or lightning.

Names: Bolt, Crack, Electro, Shock

Tempest Traits[edit]

Living storms in humanoid shape, created by magic.
Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence is increased by 2 and your Constitution is increased by 1.
Age. A tempest is created already close to full size, but knowing nothing. They are considered adult when they have a general knowledge of the world, usually about 10 years. The magic that sustains their live usually seems to fade around 75 years. Their death usually causes an almost instant, though small, storm in the area.
Alignment. Tempests are usually Chaotic in nature, though they can, rarely, be Neutral or Lawful.
Size. A Tempest's is normally about 5' 6" in height and 37 lbs. in weight. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Electrically Charged. Whenever you make a melee attack and hit using an unarmed strike or metal weapon, you may add an addition 1d4 lightning damage.
Lightning Anatomy. Your storm-like body is resistant to lightning damage.
Electrified Hands. You know the shocking grasp cantrip and may cast it without verbal components. Your Intelligence is used for your spell ability mod and DC
Expanding/Condensing the Storm. You may change your size by condensing or expanding your form. It takes 1 round to fully expand/condense your form. Expanding your form increases your size to Large as well as increasing your height by 20 inches, however, your Constitution score is reduced by 2 and your walking speed is reduced by 5 feet. Condensing your form reduces your size to Small and reduces your height by 20 inches, but increases your Constitution score by 2 and your walking speed is increased by 5 feet. If you are interrupted before finishing, you return to your previous size.
Magical Survival. You do not need food or drink for survival, however you can drink if you wish. You do not sleep, instead, your eye equivalents dim and you go into a sort of trance for at least 4 hours but can last as long as you like . An attempt to injure you is the only way to remove you from the trance prematurely.
Elemental. You are of the Elemental creature type.
Languages. Auran(a dialect of Primordial), Commons

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 11″ +2d6 30 lb. × 1 lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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