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Time Travel [Power]

The character can attack enemies with bullets from his mind.
Prerequisite: Int 19+, Power (telekinesis) 18 ranks, Evolved
Benefit: As a move action, you can create one insubstantial bullet per 5 ranks you have in Power Skills (Telekinesis). As an attack action, you may then fire these bullets at one or more targets, each of whom are no more than 10ft per rank in Power Skills (Telekineses) away from you, and no more than half that distance away from each other. Use a Power Skills (Telekinesis) check in place of your attack roll. Each bullet deals 2d6 force damage and ignores cover (up to full cover) and concealment (including total concealment, though you must still fire into the correct square). Any remaining bullets disappear one round after they are created.
Special: Since you do not use an attack roll, you can not improve your bullets with standard weapon feats (Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, etc.).

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