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This deity is part of the Narnian Fanfic pantheon, the pantheon of the Narnia fanfic setting. It can also be used with other settings.


Taslan represents the deceptive aspect of the enemies of the Christian God as portayed in the Bible, in C.S. Lewis' Narnia novel series.


Symbol: A lion, or else a four - armed vrock
Home Plane: Narnia
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: talking animals, people of Calormen, opposites
Clergy Alignments: any
Domains: chaos, death, destruction, evil, war
Favored Weapon: spear, scimitar, unarmed strike


The two animals behind the Taslan conspiracy.


Taslan is the union of Aslan and Tash, and is patron of all either of those deities are associated with. As such, he is the central figure of the Narnian pantheon.

However, this is in fact, a lie. Taslan's church is a false religion which is being supported covertly by Tash to sow chaos.


  • Tash and Aslan are one deity. The split between the followers of the two is due to the actions of Taslan's enemies. All who claim loyalty to Tash or Aslan actually worship the same god, who is the only true divine being in existence. Those who claim otherwise are guilty of blasphemy.
  • All other beliefs are false, and blasphemy. All who do not worship Taslan are being misled and it is the duty of all loyal worshipers of Taslan to seek out these unfortunate souls and show them the error of their ways.
  • Taslan is the sole source of true moral authority. While it is good for humans and other sentients to follow a code of justice, honor, etc., the word of Taslan is morally superior to any code.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Taslan's church is very small but growing with frightening rapidity.

Taslan claims authority over all clergy and places holy to either Aslan or Tash as well as his own.

His main temple is a wooden fortification in the northwestern wilderness. Worshipers and doubters come here to see Taslan and his clergy perform miracles, but it is said many who do, do not return, or return emotionally scarred by the experience. Taslan's chief priest is a talking ape of uncertain species and sanity, who personally appoints all other clerics.


Taslan has no allies because he claims all other deities are actually either him or his enemies in disguise.

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