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Physical Description[edit]

Targaryen's have a base form similar to a Humans. They are more physically appealing than others similar to the beauty of elves and sucubi. They can have any eye or hair color.


Targaryen's have been around since the dawn of all existence they have unique abilities born from the very void that birthed them (Devour) & (Inner World) & (scan-sight), because of that they were the greatest of mercenary races they were once a race condemned and feared by all as "Reapers" of the battlefield. But the gods grew weary of their strength fearing one day they would turn there blades to them and thus a crusade was launched to wipe them from existence fortunately the Great Elders foresaw, such an event and created a dimensional plane to house the species though many great warriors perished a few retreated with the rest to pass on the ancient ways. Only in the recent of years have they been reappearing in the prime plane.


They have a respect to their seniors knowing that true strength comes with wisdom. They consist of family clans with a Matriarchal system for the mothers are the one who pass on the blood traits of the clan. They have no ruling body instead they have a council of elders.

Targaryen Names[edit]

Targaryen's mix breed with all manner of humanoid races as such their names vary greatly. (users choice)

Targaryen Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. +1 all stats, Targaryen's take longer then most races to raise there ability scores so they gain an increase once every 5 levels regardless of class.
Age. An average Targaryen lives to 500 years. (but due to race trait it will/can change).
Alignment. They will follow whatever alignment suits them.
Size. Medium, 4'10" - 5'10" is the average heighth and they can weigh anywhere from 120 - 200 pounds.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. (but due to race trait it will/can change).
Master of the Battlefield. You have proficiency with One Martial, and one Simple weapon. One armor type.
Charming. You cannot be charmed or gain exhaustion.
Devour. Once a month an Targaryen may "Devour" an enemy be they flesh & blood, Magical, or Construct size matters not but the target must be Dead or incapacitated. Upon Devouring a target the user gains all spells, abilities, and traits both positive and negative of the Devoured target. One can not Devour a target of the same race more then twice a year, Mutants are excluded from this restriction. Resistances stack and after 5 of the same resistance it becomes an immunity. A weakness will cancel a resistance, and demote an immunity to a resistance. Regardless of how many stacks your resistance has it will be canceled with a single weakness.
Inner World. Once every 4 months an Targaryen can enter a meditative world built entirely in their minds to practice for 1 hour, A time lapse is implemented and varies based on the age of the user 1 hour in the real world is equal to the full life span of the user in the {Inner World} "Example : users age is 35 then one hour training in {inner world} is equal to 35 years of practice." This can be used to increase a skills level/proficiency by 1 adding either a +1 to proficiency bonus or damage roll. "Example : if you train using your weapon only you must choose to increase the damage dealt when using that type of weapon by 1 or increase the proficiency bonus when using that weapon type by 1."
Scan-sight. once a day the user may "scan" a target they can see in doing so they can 'see' all stats of the target excluding equipted gear.
Giant Serpent Transformation. Hidden Bloodline skill after obtaining godhood this skill awakens allowing one to transform into an world Devouring serpent once every 100 years. All stats are tripled and last for 24 hours.
Languages. Common, Targaryen.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

′ ″ + lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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