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More information...

The Tarak, or Taracian, being from Taracia, a planet of change, destroyed in a massive explosion, the Tarak moved to other worlds, they having an ambigious form. The Tarak each have their own unique shape.

The Tarak have almost no true form, although each have their own special true form. The Tarak able to graft themselves to any weapon they are proficient

Creating a Taracian[edit]

The Taracian template can be aquired onto most any race, by the occurance that Taracia exploded, causing the mutations to start. However, Taraks can also, be created at birth.

Variable Size, Aberrition[edit]

Size will change to variable, BAB does not change, they do get +4 to their Reflex saves, and skill points do not need to be recalculated.

Hit Dice[edit]

the Tarak get two Hit Dice of d8s


Because of the Taraks shape they can spontaneously increase and decrease their speed at will

Armor Class[edit]

Taraks recieve a +2 AC against peircing damage


Taraks can, any number of times, as a Move Action, gain a Natural Weapon equivalent to a longsword.

Full Attack[edit]

Taraks are very efficient with weapons and can use two weapons without the feat, if they do have they can instead use 4 weapons at once.

Special Attacks[edit]

Some Tarak do gain special powers, but all can, 5 times per day, use disguise self as a Swift Action.

Special Qualities[edit]

Taraks get no special qualities


Taraks get +2 to Dexterity, and Charisma, however get -2 to Intelligence and Wisdom


Taraks get +4 to Bluff, Climb, Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, & Jump


Taraks gain Endurance, Negotiator, and Still Spell as feats


The Taraks live almost anywhere, and their natural forms will modify themselves to their place of living


Taraks agree with most any race, except for Dragons for some reason

Challenge Rating[edit]

The CR for Tarak gets 2 higher


Taraks will contain many things, including weapons, body parts from fallen enemies, and occasionally rare artifacts from a warrior


The Tarak don't believe in good, evil, law or chaos, so they tend to be True Nuetral


The Tarak gain no other advancements

Level Adjustment[edit]

Taraks get a +2 Level Adjustment

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